Saturday, September 9, 2017

Still Fishing

It is amazing that Henry (the perpetual two year old) has never figured out that his fishing experience is not going to produce dinner. He hears the word "fish" and he is out the door to the deck, down 40 stairs to the lawn and out across to the dock.  He will remain on that dock until his peep heads to the the stairs, back up to the cabin.

This year we cut the trips down those stairs way down. The Washington, Idaho, Canada, Montana fires made the air quality pretty horrible. There have been so many times we couldn't even see across the lake - so I'm thinking Henry couldn't see the fish even if they were zipping about down there.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Oh Dear!

It is tough getting a hair cut.  Going from fluffy and insulated to short and trim is a bit embarrassing for a pup even when pa peep says he looks great. Poor Henry - his dust mop fur will be much easier to handle now that the mop of wavy hair is trimmed to 1/2" - but Henry knows he is going camping and likes to gather pitch, twigs and dirt.  The gathering process will be much more difficult now.

Mama peep says "yay!" Henry just looks long suffering.

He will get over it.  I promise.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mutt and Jeff

This I must share. These two sweeties are the current foster kitties at my daughter and son's home. Mutt and Jeff are their second set of fosters - the first set was a mama with five kittens. Mama Cat and the fostering couple were all overwhelmed with those five darling rug rats! I met these two the other day and they are adorable. I already have two, Otto and Vivika plus Henry the pup or I'd steal them away. I had forgotten how fragile baby cats feel when held. Under that fluff, there isn't much. These two are working on gaining the weight needed to have their pre-adoption surgery. I am sure they will be snapped up by new loving parents.  Hope they go as a set!  Henry was not given even a glimpse of the two babies. This is Henry pouting. He loves trying to herd the cats.

Monday, May 2, 2016

New Fishing Season! Yay!!

The best of times is fishing for Henry. Every year the season crops up and Henry races down the stairs to (unsuccessfully) capture the elusive trout.....okay, sunfish.....under the dock.

Imagine his disappointment when we made it to the lake and the dock wasn't prepared for summer yet.  The ramp still tied to the dock top and no way to get out there!  So there he sits looking for barking distractions. 

And then, yes! The guys come to put out the ramp and here he goes.  Fish.



Monday, April 11, 2016

Henry and Another Dinosaur

Henry is showing hints of being a social animal. I'm not saying he always chooses his buddies appropriately but this one was a winner.  The large hard shelled lady is located at the entrance to Wenatchee Washington's main drag.  Our fearless pup approached and tucked right in at the foot of the giant.
A little eye candy - we stopped to take a photo of the river as we travelled near Leavenworth. There is still plenty of snow on the hills and the water flow was showing the amount of melt that has already found its way down the mountain.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Young Man, FIVE, V, 5 !!

Henry's birthday slipped by when I wasn't watching.  His last few days of not feeling so hot distracted his peep. He is now back to his wonderful bouncy, here is his five year old picture.  Still so handsome.

Shh.  Time for a bath. Lets not tell him before I lure him into his bathroom with a birthday doggie biscuit.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trees Flowering, Puppy Dragging

     We have blossoms! Apple, plum, cherry and pear are all budding.  There is eye candy everywhere. 
     Spring has sprung.  Anacortes is even forecast for five days running with sunshine - and one day 70 degrees.  Oh my :-)
     And then there is Henry.  The pup has a case of the springtime blues or something.  Ever since his haircut he has been dragging - even when I get out his leash for a walk, he just looks instead of his typical leaps and wiggles.  He has been wearing his sweatshirts for warmth and still has his shivery moments.    

     Poor baby boy.  Papa peep thinks he might have picked up a bug at the groomers. Mom peep sees he is eating his kibble and chicken and has a cold damp nose as usual. Adoptive doggie parents worry.  



Sunday, March 27, 2016


Dang! It is tough when all that fluffy fur gets trimmed off.  The poor pup is used to the coat and can't figure out how those short hairs cousins deal with it.  Henry has been wearing sweatshirts around the clock to prevent shivers.  Summer cannot come too fast for this boy!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bowing to the Inevitable

Before: Mourning the anticipated loss of his fur coat.
Fluffy Henry is bowing to the inevitable. His furry little body is warm and soft and lovely until you work your fingers into that curlier fur inside those delicate legs - but then there they are, the dreaded matts - no place else. The little tight bundles would be painful to have worked out so off to the groomer we go. Once again, Henry's peep has failed in her grooming task.  :-(   He is going to be so skinny when I pick him up. No fur coat. We will be heading back to sweat shirts for the boy.

Please tell me if other pups or peeps out there have found a good detangled. I've tried several with no success.

After: The all new "improved" Henry :-)

Erika's Pet Grooming had pups running around free and happy as the Erika and her trim partner worked in the grooming area. Talk about happy dogs! Henry was excited to see me, but he seemed very comfortable with the other six or seven dogs running about. What a relief for his peep.  He does tend to be a bit stand offish until he gets to know the pecking order of the pack. Apparently this was a pack that met with his comfort zone requirements.  Yay!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Beach Running

The chilly breeze and wet sand are pup-love-wonderful.  Not a lot more fun than running between the peeps on the beach opposite Guemes Island. Especially nice, according to mom peep, mom and dad get to take a break in their walk.  Lazy guys.


Friday, March 4, 2016

Eating Grass

Here we are in our northern piece of paradise  and who is only interested in sniffing the air and chewing grass on the verge?  Our boy Henry. That's who.  The pussy willows are lovely - they are just starting to bud out.  The daffodils are in bloom.  We have gusty coastal breezes and sailboats taking advantage of the opportunity - and Henry chews grass.  He's a dog.  Good boy! I guess it is time to head for the doggie park.  There will be so many delicious smells there and the bonus pooch company.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Helping Mom Knit

Does Henry look like a whipped puppy? We have had several conversations about the baby blanket and Henry's lack of respect for my efforts - his peep's first attempt at something that large.

His favorite place is my lap and that is where Henry parked himself for much of the work.  Now in preparation for the blocking (also a first for the peep) he has claimed it as his own.  Hum. It is cozy, but I don't think that is going to happen.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Henry and Marilyn Help with Pasta

It started as a project for Auntie Joy and Henry's mom. We had thoughts of chicken noodle soup and a whole afternoon to make it happen.  Henry and Marilyn parked in the center of the kitchen from the start - it is always more of an adventure cooking when stepping over the pups is necessary.

As you can see from the intense look in their eyes, they did a great job guarding the goods...and cleaning up tiny dropped bits.

In case you are curious, the soup was delicious!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chilly Winter Adjustments

Winter is almost behind us.  It is groundhog day! Henry and her cousin Marilyn are looking forward to laying out in the sun a bit, but as you can see, it isn't happening quite yet here in Anacortes.  When there isn't frost on the ground, the ground is soggy wet.

Henry did do the fake unicorn attempt, but that didn't make summer magic happen.  I think maybe he overheard too many Harry Potter readings over the years - he thought he could make it happen.

Some great news, we found another Red Shirt for Henry and cousin Guster.  He is the favorite toy out of the baskets full of goodies the boys play with.  Red Shirt one is a year old and has held up with amazing determination.  One leg has been sewn back on and Gus chewed the ears off, but the squeak still works and the rustle material still crinkles.  Great toy!  Henry does the terrier attempt to shake it apart and it holds.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shipbuilding Supervision

Supervision of shipbuilding is a demanding process.  Henry has done a great job on this one.  The shipyards are one of our favorite places to walk.  We see the ships go past our house then discover them either up for repairs or getting un loaded or loaded at the refinery.  The ships are amazingly huge.  

A couple more photos - Henry with a klingon (not Lt. Worf) and red shirt after a lovely trip to the groomer.  And, Henry with Auntie Joy and Auntie Lola with cousin Marilyn.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fuzz Ball

In no uncertain terms, Henry has let us know that Anacortes is much chillier than Whittier. We share warmth in front of the TV in the evening...benefitting both of us. He gets brushed. I get licked. We both keep snug.

Henry gets wrapped up in his blanket when we leave him in the car while making a quick trip to the supermarket - and he is still wrapped when we return. If we skip the wrap, he is a little quivering ball when we make it back to the car.

This place is beautiful and Henry appreciates the richness of the smells. At the end of our block, the road dead ends with this view and of more interest to our boy, there must be critters in the hill down to the water. There is very special intensity in his sniffing around the brambles in that area.

 Life is good in Henry's "three-going-on-four-and-forever-two" world.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Goodness. It has been awhile!

Henry, Otto and Vivika (the cats) and Sue and Greg (the Peeps) have spent summer and fall traveling with the loaded SUV tugging the Burro and following a moving van North. We have been busy relocating from sunny Whittier California to beautiful Anacortes Washington.

Mama Peep needs to unload boxes so this is going to be quick, but she is rather sick of unpacking, so the Henry Blog is a great excuse!

On our trips back and forth from Whitter to Eugene to Spokane and Loon Lake to Port Townsend and Anacortes, then doing it all over again - some of it three times, we did have some fun beyond seeing scenery.  My cousin has grown up from the nipper half my size to that huge lanky lady in the foreground of the photo to the top left in just a few months over summer and fall.

There was time for the staking out the favorite fishing spot at Loon Lake on a couple of trips.  Nothing caught yet but those dang fish keep teasing!  Mama Peep and Henry went for boat rides on Loon and the wind swishes our hair back sooooo dramatically!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Doggie Playground Toutle River Style

My brother Roger has been a busy guy.  Check out his pile of stacked wood - no really check it out!  It is a dog run! Henry's cousins Bentley and Daisy have tried it out and have put their stamp of approval on the thing. I'm thinking it would be a challenge to fit through the doggie door to clean up the interior, but the dogs would probably like knowing the space is theirs alone.  I'm sending Roger a huge thumbs up on this one!  Henry is anxious to get up there to explore the space.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Downstairs ? ? ? ?

What's this about? Mama is carrying my toys and treats and food and blankie down the stairs and into her studio. Sure,  I spend time with her down there when she putters around.  Yep, I do. But this looks different.

We've been preparing for Dana's baby blessing on Saturday and Dad's retirement thing on Sunday and I've been a great help, giving Mom suggestions, and correcting her mistakes. (Who would have thought she'd think all my doggie hair and Otto and Vivika's kitty fur had to go?)

But now? The kitty toys and structures are going into the bedroom wing and my stuff into the basement? Mom said some non-sense about low stress environments and that it would only be for a few hours each day.

Humph. That's what I say. Yep. I say, humph. I'll show her! I'm going to spill all the water until she needs to get me a bigger dish and then I'm going to dump that out too. She's not going to get away with this nonsense.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekend Preparations

Henry the helpful has been involved in the weekend preparations.

Saturday is a Baby Blessing at Henry's home and Sunday is his dad's retirement open house.

The windows are clean, the flower beds are weeded, the house is as good as it gets....but for Henry, so what??  The big deal is that while mama works, Henry gets a bone.  Life is good in the doggie world.

He prefers a bit of dust on the floor - he considers it seed stuff for his next bath.  Spotty windows just makes his view outside more interesting...and weeds? Why pull them.  They are green and have great healthy flowers.

He will allow the work if he has that tasty treat though - so its his bonus bone for patience.  Good dog.