Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shipbuilding Supervision

Supervision of shipbuilding is a demanding process.  Henry has done a great job on this one.  The shipyards are one of our favorite places to walk.  We see the ships go past our house then discover them either up for repairs or getting un loaded or loaded at the refinery.  The ships are amazingly huge.  

A couple more photos - Henry with a klingon (not Lt. Worf) and red shirt after a lovely trip to the groomer.  And, Henry with Auntie Joy and Auntie Lola with cousin Marilyn.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fuzz Ball

In no uncertain terms, Henry has let us know that Anacortes is much chillier than Whittier. We share warmth in front of the TV in the evening...benefitting both of us. He gets brushed. I get licked. We both keep snug.

Henry gets wrapped up in his blanket when we leave him in the car while making a quick trip to the supermarket - and he is still wrapped when we return. If we skip the wrap, he is a little quivering ball when we make it back to the car.

This place is beautiful and Henry appreciates the richness of the smells. At the end of our block, the road dead ends with this view and of more interest to our boy, there must be critters in the hill down to the water. There is very special intensity in his sniffing around the brambles in that area.

 Life is good in Henry's "three-going-on-four-and-forever-two" world.