Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trees Flowering, Puppy Dragging

     We have blossoms! Apple, plum, cherry and pear are all budding.  There is eye candy everywhere. 
     Spring has sprung.  Anacortes is even forecast for five days running with sunshine - and one day 70 degrees.  Oh my :-)
     And then there is Henry.  The pup has a case of the springtime blues or something.  Ever since his haircut he has been dragging - even when I get out his leash for a walk, he just looks instead of his typical leaps and wiggles.  He has been wearing his sweatshirts for warmth and still has his shivery moments.    

     Poor baby boy.  Papa peep thinks he might have picked up a bug at the groomers. Mom peep sees he is eating his kibble and chicken and has a cold damp nose as usual. Adoptive doggie parents worry.  



Sunday, March 27, 2016


Dang! It is tough when all that fluffy fur gets trimmed off.  The poor pup is used to the coat and can't figure out how those short hairs cousins deal with it.  Henry has been wearing sweatshirts around the clock to prevent shivers.  Summer cannot come too fast for this boy!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bowing to the Inevitable

Before: Mourning the anticipated loss of his fur coat.
Fluffy Henry is bowing to the inevitable. His furry little body is warm and soft and lovely until you work your fingers into that curlier fur inside those delicate legs - but then there they are, the dreaded matts - no place else. The little tight bundles would be painful to have worked out so off to the groomer we go. Once again, Henry's peep has failed in her grooming task.  :-(   He is going to be so skinny when I pick him up. No fur coat. We will be heading back to sweat shirts for the boy.

Please tell me if other pups or peeps out there have found a good detangled. I've tried several with no success.

After: The all new "improved" Henry :-)

Erika's Pet Grooming had pups running around free and happy as the Erika and her trim partner worked in the grooming area. Talk about happy dogs! Henry was excited to see me, but he seemed very comfortable with the other six or seven dogs running about. What a relief for his peep.  He does tend to be a bit stand offish until he gets to know the pecking order of the pack. Apparently this was a pack that met with his comfort zone requirements.  Yay!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Beach Running

The chilly breeze and wet sand are pup-love-wonderful.  Not a lot more fun than running between the peeps on the beach opposite Guemes Island. Especially nice, according to mom peep, mom and dad get to take a break in their walk.  Lazy guys.


Friday, March 4, 2016

Eating Grass

Here we are in our northern piece of paradise  and who is only interested in sniffing the air and chewing grass on the verge?  Our boy Henry. That's who.  The pussy willows are lovely - they are just starting to bud out.  The daffodils are in bloom.  We have gusty coastal breezes and sailboats taking advantage of the opportunity - and Henry chews grass.  He's a dog.  Good boy! I guess it is time to head for the doggie park.  There will be so many delicious smells there and the bonus pooch company.