Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lennie and Albert

Lets see, where did I leave you?  Since my last post Lennie got into the cat food shoving aside a dog gate to get there.  She had to go in to the vet yet again, this time to have her stomach pumped.  Thank goodness Henry has a stronger digestive system.  We are careful too, but dogs are going to do doggie stuff!

Lennie is doing okay.  He and his buddy, Albert, are cuddling ... or perhaps testing the limits to see who can win the comfy bed war.  Henry still cannot play with Lennie because they are too rough and tumble together, and Lennie still has her tummy staples.

Henry is preparing for his long trip from Eugene Oregon to Whittier California.  He is getting all the cuddles with his "sister" Steph that he can get.

He has to save up since Steph will remain in Eugene with Albert and Miss Thing, the kitties.   Steph has a preference for the silly little meow boxes so he has a real interest in slobbering on her lots, so she doesn't forget him in the month away.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sick Lennie

Last night Lennie was bouncing around and wrestling with Henry and Albert the cat. This morning his Mom rushed him into surgery for acute pancreatitis.  It was scary - and expensive.  The doctor suggested the alternative of putting Lennie down since the surgery was not a sure thing. The surgery did go well so Lennie's Mom is now hoping for a successful recovery.

Henry and Albert both consider Lennie a best friend, so they are not sure what to do with her absence. They have formed an unlikely alliance that I can almost guarantee will not last when Lennie returns.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

9'10" x 6'2"

Henry and I are starting our 26th day in Bennie the Burro. The title tells you our inside space...but I must admit that a box of our storage is in the tow vehicle. Surprisingly, I really have not used it. Cleaning the 3' x 4' floor space requires only a tiny broom and dustpan. I have been plugged into electric except when on the road which is nice because I've needed the heater! Henry tucks up comfortably on his pillow next to me and adds a little warmth to chilly nights and mornings.

Usually so careful about picking up twigs, dirty and leafy matter, Henry has gained quite a collection of stuff to drop in my/our we went to "suds 'em yourself".  This was our first trip and it was great!

The owner helped us get started and walked us through the shampoos, water gizmo and dryer.  Everything was supplied.  Very nice.  I was worried he might have picked up a flea, but the owner checked and said nope.  Lots of dogs have allergies this time of year in Eugene.

So, here is our handsome boy Henry.  All glistening clean.  After it was all done and he was dry and fluffy, he was a little embarrassed about his attempt to back out of the Suds' door when we first entered.

We will do this again!  So much better than the bathtub.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Henry Approves of this Message - Otto and Vivika do Not!

Feline rescue cats?  I am thinking that is not going to work!  But wait ... It is on video on the internet so it must be true. Right?  This is the link to see the video.

As I said, Henry approves.  Our cats Otto and Vivika are pretty firm in their rejection of the idea.  I feel I am safe to say that the cousins, Albert, Miss Thing, Misty, Baby, Skuzzy and Kilobite will join Otto and Vivika with their paws down.  Time for all you kitties out there to unite!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Puppy Company

Henry and Lennie (the moody portrait above) have company! His name is Odin (shown below) and he is a sweetie pie. The only problem is that Henry wants to play - and Odin is Mr. Mellow. He is a handsome fellow and so obedient and dependable off leash. ...unlike Henry.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Miss Lennie and Mr. Henry

These guys are normally a blur when they are together...but I happened to have a couple of Cheezit squares in my hand and the focus shifted. 

Lennie and Henry make the most delightful sound with their nail when they are chasing around the house. It sounds like twenty pups!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Henry has been helping with the gardening at my daughter's house in Eugene. He has barked instructions so vocally that he earned a time out in the travel now he is training the snake. Good dog!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Naughty Doggie!

Henry got in trouble. What can I say? Maybe....he thought he was protecting me?

Our boy, Henry was out while I finished up the painting. He must have thought the danger was extreme because suddenly there was a lot of barking going on.

The student neighbor was up very late (I know this because the party was next to my little travel trailer). He obviously needed some mid day sleep because he used some creative language before I could get to Henry. Thank goodness Henry didn't know those words!

He does know he is in trouble. If he could slink further under the bed he would do so. Don't worry - in the next five minutes he will have forgotten. Ah, to be a pup.