Wednesday, May 22, 2013

9'10" x 6'2"

Henry and I are starting our 26th day in Bennie the Burro. The title tells you our inside space...but I must admit that a box of our storage is in the tow vehicle. Surprisingly, I really have not used it. Cleaning the 3' x 4' floor space requires only a tiny broom and dustpan. I have been plugged into electric except when on the road which is nice because I've needed the heater! Henry tucks up comfortably on his pillow next to me and adds a little warmth to chilly nights and mornings.

Usually so careful about picking up twigs, dirty and leafy matter, Henry has gained quite a collection of stuff to drop in my/our we went to "suds 'em yourself".  This was our first trip and it was great!

The owner helped us get started and walked us through the shampoos, water gizmo and dryer.  Everything was supplied.  Very nice.  I was worried he might have picked up a flea, but the owner checked and said nope.  Lots of dogs have allergies this time of year in Eugene.

So, here is our handsome boy Henry.  All glistening clean.  After it was all done and he was dry and fluffy, he was a little embarrassed about his attempt to back out of the Suds' door when we first entered.

We will do this again!  So much better than the bathtub.


  1. Great spot you got there. Mom calls my Lily a heating pad
    Benny & Lily

  2. Henry is a heating pad too! Nothing like a puppy warmer to make the day perfect!

  3. I'm sure Henry is good to go, but after 26 days I hope human hygiene was available too!

  4. Interesting day. While stacking firewood. Bentley broke his long leash and took off with Daisy and her training collar in hot pursuit. After two hours of hunting I was about to give up when I heard Lassie (now known as Daisy) barking down at the river. When I finally saw her she took off running in the other direction and led me straight to Timmy (now known as Bentley) with his leash wrapped around some bushes. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're too young!

  5. Your little Lassie, Daisy Mae, is amazing! What a good dog! Henry is proud that she is his cousin. I am happy to claim her as my niece. :-)