Sunday, November 2, 2014

Goodness. It has been awhile!

Henry, Otto and Vivika (the cats) and Sue and Greg (the Peeps) have spent summer and fall traveling with the loaded SUV tugging the Burro and following a moving van North. We have been busy relocating from sunny Whittier California to beautiful Anacortes Washington.

Mama Peep needs to unload boxes so this is going to be quick, but she is rather sick of unpacking, so the Henry Blog is a great excuse!

On our trips back and forth from Whitter to Eugene to Spokane and Loon Lake to Port Townsend and Anacortes, then doing it all over again - some of it three times, we did have some fun beyond seeing scenery.  My cousin has grown up from the nipper half my size to that huge lanky lady in the foreground of the photo to the top left in just a few months over summer and fall.

There was time for the staking out the favorite fishing spot at Loon Lake on a couple of trips.  Nothing caught yet but those dang fish keep teasing!  Mama Peep and Henry went for boat rides on Loon and the wind swishes our hair back sooooo dramatically!