Monday, January 27, 2014

Henry and Otto

We have three animals - beyond the human ones living in our home.  The two boys are Henry and Otto.  As long as Henry settles first, Otto is welcome to join and take a nap in my lap.  While the boys sleep, Otto's sister is by the window trying to decide if she can manage to attack the humming birds through the glass.  Its a cozy day.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oh My, DNA Results

Goodness.  Nobody guessed this one - or at least not all of it! We were pretty sure Henry was part poodle, but my guess was poodle/terrier mix.  Nope. At least we got the poodle part right.  For Christmas, Samantha and Ryan gave Henry and I a DNA test kit.  I mean, after all, we could not find him on  So, finally the results arrived.

They also sent along some sheets that are intended to help with understanding the identification. So, I will add them to the blog too. Henry was appalled by this one.  He is a buff tough Henry dog - he would never consider a sissy cut like that grey poodle.  He might stand back and admire, maybe….

If you check out the second pup from the right, there is some evidence of Henry - but he is way, way cuter and has tons more personality--of course.

I see absolutely nothing to make a Australian Shepard connection.  That said, I guess I could consider it logical.  His doggie cousin (owned by his Tante Kathie) is an Australian Shepherd.  Does that count?

And then there is the mixed breed ancestry sheet!  I have heard of the the short haired dachshund. They seemed to think that was most likely for some of the mix part.  Hum.  I see nothing there. I haven't even heard of the second dog and the third, well I did think he had some terrier.  He does try to snap the neck of his stuffed toys.

For those who want to be "in the know" there you have it!  Henry is perfect.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grover and Henry

Henry's fluffy puppy friend is Grover.  Doesn't live with Henry and our cats. They do a bit of visiting....but here is the story. Grover is just a pup and he consumes whatever he can fit his jaws around. The latest tasty tidbits are ladies underwear, tennis ball parts and drywall. The underwear, he snatches out of the hamper. The tennis ball was a toy, but the remains show a pretty big chunk missing. The drywall, apparently, he chewed off a sheet stored for the current house project. 
Right now, Grover's not feeling so great. He has had a $750 trip to the vet with a sonogram and antibiotics (just in case the stuff tears something on those delicate insides). The results of inappropriate eating appear to be in both the stomach and colon. We are hoping it will appear on the lawn in a neat puppy poo package - but we aren't feeling too confident.

Updates to follow.  Here's the project. Hope to have the drywall up and completely encased soon, but that probably won't stop Grover the explorer.  I am thinking he is not going to make the connection between inappropriate eating habits and his current predicament.