Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Missing Part - Partly Missing

Henry helped me put on the last attachments for the awning. There were 20 little Velcro squares to iron on to attach the Burro side. One fell off before I got down the hall to the ironing board.

Henry followed me around while I looked bumping and nudging in his doggie manner, but after a search we gave up. The two of us sat down with a soda and a doggie chew to cool off. That gave Henry the opportunity to rescue the square from the bottom of my shoe. My hero!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Unhappy Kitties

Otto and Vivika are giving me the cold shoulder. The have been around long enough to realize when the stuff starts piling up in the music room, it means we are heading out.

They will be unhappy all of an hour....until their favorite people, Marilyn and Kathy arrive to take care of them.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Henry's Little House

Yippee! The paperwork for the burro has arrived! That means the trip is ready as soon as the AAA opens and I can get the little gal registered. Finally. Yesterday we applied the attachments for the awning. Today I put the frame up. This is how it looks. Hope that magic 3m super tape works - next I'll get the shoestrings sewn on the awning for the real test...does it create shade?

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Friday, May 25, 2012

More Waiting ....

Assured that "the check is in the mail" or in our case all the paperwork, Henry, Greg and I are polishing up the little burro in preparations to leave. This may not look like my boys are working, but I'm pretty sure they are thinking deep thoughts of camping out in our little burro. Henry was a great help earlier today when I was up on the ladder attempting to re-putty and re-attach the water channel above the door. do understand I say "help" in the very loosest use of the word.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


There is nothing as hard as being patient. Henry has his list: dog food and dishes, toys, flea meds, portable fence, crate and bed, health records....let's go, let's go!

On the human side of things, we are still waiting for the final paperwork on our little burro travel trailer. Most frustrating! We got the trailer jacks last night and the car is getting serviced just that one last thing. Unfortunately it is an important last thing. I've put in another encouraging e-mail, so cross fingers and (in the doggie world) paws. Henry is ready to romp.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


House and kitty sitters in place. New tires on the old burro. Travel books at the ready. Trip to the library bookstore taken care of and lots of reading material ready to be packed.

I've instructed Henry that it is not appropriate to bark without very clear provocation in RV sites (although I cannot say for sure if he completely understood). Does he looks like he understood to you?

Now, to the serious packing! Hopefully less than a week to go!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Decorated Doggie

First a run through the sprinkler then a dive into the compost under the raised compost bin. Perhaps a bath is in order?

I'm heading out to visit Henry's human siblings in Eugene so Henry decided to start the guy thing a day early. He and Greg will be batching together so who knows what they will get up to without my steadying influence.

....watching baseball ....reading Economics books ....weeding the garden ....

Let the fun begin!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Henry and Arlo

Henry's favorite young friend, Otis, drew this piece of artwork.  The large dog is Arlo and the small fuzzy one in front is Henry and of course the hearts celebrate two great doggies.  

I think Otis may have a real future in art.  He is just five.  Yay Otis!!

Doctor Visit

Henry was very pleased to see Dr. T again. We went in for his one year physical. Dr. Throgmorton said my ball of energy is 16 pounds (and for Henry 15 to 20 is okay). Henry also got his dptt, his ears and mouth checked and was generally admired by the doctor and staff.

While still in the waiting room, Henry tried so hard to make friends with the other canines passing in or out. Tail wagging, little butt in the air, moaning "look at me" sounds. Jeesh. What the heck was wrong with those other dogs? How could the ignore the calls to play?

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

i-Pad Quandry

I am attempting to post on my new I-pad in preparation for summer trips. I have, so far discovered that I cannot see those videos I worked so hard to capture! Oh my gosh - you I-pad users didn't even complain! So patient. Does anyone out ther publish on the I-pad? I can't quite get a handle on what it will and will not do. So I got help from one of my baby brothers and he said to try blog press. So far it is neat.

A movie? Okay, so this is not real exciting - but it is a giant step for Susan-kind.

Hum. I am not liking this very well. The published piece is not working for me. I've spotted nice ones though so I know I'm missing something.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Establishing the Territory Markers

Henry is delighted!  We got to go for a walk yesterday.  The knee is healing, finally!  He was amazed at the audacity of the other dogs in the neighborhood and on campus.  They had covered his markings up with their own scents.  Can you believe it?  Well, he took care of that - every tree, every bush, every trash container, every sign pole.  Done!

It was definitely some serious redecorating work on Henry's part.  He thought it would be a good idea to show of some of the things he hit - no seriously, he got it all .... every single thing within reach. 

Henry had a great time!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walk or Bath and Disqualified

From Dogster via my brother Randy, this is the age old question.  Walk or bath.  I'm personally hoping it turns out to be the walk.  This little guy is so hopeful!

Henry likes the second video.  He wants to qualify for that kind of an obstacle course.  He is pretty sure he can do at least the last bit of it successfully.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

In a Quick Lick

It is so easy to make life right!  Have a dog who is willing to lick your face on demand. It is the one essential rule to remember.  Everything looks pretty rosy with a little Henry lick generously applied.  If you don't have a dog, feel free to visit.  Henry is an equal opportunity lick-er. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cracked Egg In Hiding

Poor little Burro.  Here she is way back buried behind RV repair clutter.  Henry and I went down to check on the Cracked Egg.  They haven't started yet but I wanted to investigate possibilities for an awning rail in case they needed me to add that request.

The supply store actually had a bag awning in the storage room that was a floor sample missing a couple parts - very do-able.  The gentleman offered it to Henry and me for $40 which is a great deal -- waterproofed and modern.  It was a generous offer, but I really want the retro look.

So, no awning rail.  Henry promises to help me design a solution. (Sure he does.)  And help me install the connector to the Burro.  Right now he is out barking at the neighbors, but I'm sure that is just a creativity aide.

Mike  (Mr. RV man) tells me that the Burro is set up for the electric hook up to the car.  That is a good thing.  I guess it doesn't add a lot of charge, but it helps.  I keep going back to for information.  They have been so helpful!  Eventually, collecting information from here and there, I will begin to understand my little beast.


It is so boring sitting around with nothing to do. When Sue is working on stuff and ignoring the important person in the house, a little guy has got do what he has got to do.
I did a fantastic, glorious  paper attack. That was after I removed and ate half of the cover of her Dick Francis mystery. Before that, I discovered a pencil left "out of reach" - totally turned it into sawdust. Did I get her attention? Yes I did.

So, she is making this completely unnecessary awning for the "Cracked Egg," our travel trailer.  Where are her priorities?  She tells me it is so I will have a place in the shade.

I am just not buying the story. Would you?  I mean, it would be fine with me if I just parked myself in her shadow when the sun is too much.  I am certainly not picky.

From Sue:  Okay, I wasn't paying attention, but then again, I learned from the best.  I saw this photo on Yahoo pics and recognized Henry in the third swanlette behind mama swan.  The only one distracted and not paying attention to his mom.  He probably thinks he sees a bit of peanut butter left out - or a scrap of McDonalds wrapper.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Just saying if you are smiling, there has to be a reason to smile.