Monday, May 14, 2012

Doctor Visit

Henry was very pleased to see Dr. T again. We went in for his one year physical. Dr. Throgmorton said my ball of energy is 16 pounds (and for Henry 15 to 20 is okay). Henry also got his dptt, his ears and mouth checked and was generally admired by the doctor and staff.

While still in the waiting room, Henry tried so hard to make friends with the other canines passing in or out. Tail wagging, little butt in the air, moaning "look at me" sounds. Jeesh. What the heck was wrong with those other dogs? How could the ignore the calls to play?

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  1. We can't believe you were ignored. You better scream next time
    Benny & Lily

  2. Next time you guys need to be there for me!

  3. Clearly a case on canine jealousy!!!!

  4. Yes, they just can't compete with your looks and personality, so for their own sanity they pretend you aren't there. Sad but true.You need to find friends that are more at peace with themselves. Per Dr. Roger: take two treats and forget about it!