Friday, May 4, 2012

Cracked Egg In Hiding

Poor little Burro.  Here she is way back buried behind RV repair clutter.  Henry and I went down to check on the Cracked Egg.  They haven't started yet but I wanted to investigate possibilities for an awning rail in case they needed me to add that request.

The supply store actually had a bag awning in the storage room that was a floor sample missing a couple parts - very do-able.  The gentleman offered it to Henry and me for $40 which is a great deal -- waterproofed and modern.  It was a generous offer, but I really want the retro look.

So, no awning rail.  Henry promises to help me design a solution. (Sure he does.)  And help me install the connector to the Burro.  Right now he is out barking at the neighbors, but I'm sure that is just a creativity aide.

Mike  (Mr. RV man) tells me that the Burro is set up for the electric hook up to the car.  That is a good thing.  I guess it doesn't add a lot of charge, but it helps.  I keep going back to for information.  They have been so helpful!  Eventually, collecting information from here and there, I will begin to understand my little beast.


  1. Well,the big problem is that the little guy is just so intimidated by all those big rigs. It is almost cowering.

  2. Tell the little guy that camp site #1 awaits his arrival. That should cheer him up.