Friday, May 4, 2012


It is so boring sitting around with nothing to do. When Sue is working on stuff and ignoring the important person in the house, a little guy has got do what he has got to do.
I did a fantastic, glorious  paper attack. That was after I removed and ate half of the cover of her Dick Francis mystery. Before that, I discovered a pencil left "out of reach" - totally turned it into sawdust. Did I get her attention? Yes I did.

So, she is making this completely unnecessary awning for the "Cracked Egg," our travel trailer.  Where are her priorities?  She tells me it is so I will have a place in the shade.

I am just not buying the story. Would you?  I mean, it would be fine with me if I just parked myself in her shadow when the sun is too much.  I am certainly not picky.

From Sue:  Okay, I wasn't paying attention, but then again, I learned from the best.  I saw this photo on Yahoo pics and recognized Henry in the third swanlette behind mama swan.  The only one distracted and not paying attention to his mom.  He probably thinks he sees a bit of peanut butter left out - or a scrap of McDonalds wrapper.


  1. Daisy would be gosling constantly running into the hind end of the mother. The awning is looking very cool and tell Henry it's only 90% about him and he needs to get a life the other 10%.

    1. I must not have been looking very closely or I would have seen that they were swans not geese, but I don't really like the name for baby swans, Cygnets, so I'm not going to use it!