Sunday, May 13, 2012

i-Pad Quandry

I am attempting to post on my new I-pad in preparation for summer trips. I have, so far discovered that I cannot see those videos I worked so hard to capture! Oh my gosh - you I-pad users didn't even complain! So patient. Does anyone out ther publish on the I-pad? I can't quite get a handle on what it will and will not do. So I got help from one of my baby brothers and he said to try blog press. So far it is neat.

A movie? Okay, so this is not real exciting - but it is a giant step for Susan-kind.

Hum. I am not liking this very well. The published piece is not working for me. I've spotted nice ones though so I know I'm missing something.


  1. I have not yet made the iPad leap, but a friend who has one uses an App called BlogPress. You might check that one out!

    1. Okay Randall William, I've got it. Neat. Thanks for the help. Im working on the photo and utube connections but it looks like when I have that set I'll be in good shape!

  2. Thanks, we will try blog press. We found lots of glitches otherwise. But we keep experimenting
    Benny & Lily

  3. I use a pad every day. It's yellow and has a little sticky strip on the back so you can put your thoughts anywhere you like. Oh, you said I-Pad not a-pad. Never mind!