Saturday, December 31, 2011

Henry's Hero

So I know I said, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it" in my last post, but apparently, after being challenged by my brother Randy,  I lied.
This is Asash the Sumo grand champion.  He is amazing according to Henry.  Notice the sleeked back hair to his topnotch.  Observe the steely and determined gaze which you could not see if the hair was covering those eyes.  This guy is the real deal. 
Do you see a similarity between the champ and Henry?  After my last post, Randy sent me a set of rules.  I don't know if I should break little Henry's heart and share those rules with him.  What do you think?  He is young enough to admire his Uncle R - but there are five of you uncles out there!  Consider Randy's rules and tell me what you think!

Randall  said...
Rule #1: no pony tails on dogs, see Rule #2
Rule #2: Ribbons on ponytails are absolutely forbidden, see Rule #3
Rule #3: See Rule #1

Was Henry successful in his emulation of the grand champion?  Should he give up and forfeit his efforts?  From the right angle, he not only looks like sumo in training, but has the additional bonus of appearing to have a sprinkler on his head!  Could it possibly get better than that?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Super Dog

Henry graduated from his Intermediate class tonight!  -- Yes he did and we didn't even have to cheat. True, he did earn cute points and that probably contributed to his continued success. Also true without our wonderful trainer, Charlene G., we would never have made it.  She has been so supportive!

We signed up for the next level.  I've got to keep working until the little bugger will come consistently even with distractions.  That may never happen.  He just has so much energy and wants to sniff and lick the whole world.  

His best puppy friend in class, CC brought him a Christmas basket in anticipation of a successful graduation.  The yummy celebratory biscuit about to be munched was in the sack - I think CC's human Barbara may have had something to do with the gift. 

Cats, Otto and Vivika are not impressed with Henry's diploma.  But you don't see them sitting and staying for a minute ten seconds with tasty distractions.  Its a cat thing I guess.  I believe they may be jealous deep down inside.  Very, very, very deep down.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jingle Bells

I know.  So silly, but I couldn't help myself.  The tree is up.  The outdoor lights are strung in the back and the front.  Packages are stacked and ready for wrapping.  We even have the Southern California equivalent of snow: overcast with a light rain. 

I especially like the dog on the right.  So casual.  Take a nap until his/her big moment at the end.  So doggie!

Please Don't Tell Henry!

Shhhhh.  It would upset him too much, so I am not telling Henry - but Hagrid seems to have gone over to the dark side.   Of all the characters Henry has followed on that silver screen, Hagrid is the one with which he most identifies!  Loving disposition, uncontrollable hair, affinity with all creatures...oh why did it all go so wrong?

....And what are the repercussions?  Will Gawrp imitate his big brother?  Is Hagrid's change a result of Gawrp's natural inclinations?  It just seems to open so many questions.

While dealing with the enormity of this, please remember,  Henry is still a pup and needs to be protected from the unexplainable.  Hermoine, Harry, Ron, and all the Hogwarts 7th years are adults now.  Henry is just eight months old.  A baby.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Crime and Punishment

Yesterday Henry and I packed up a picnic lunch for an afternoon in Michigan Park.  Lunch, training and exercise!

Henry likes going with the long leash - he can sniff and explore and I can keep him reasonably close.  We stay away from the picnic and play area and stick to the areas not used during school hours. Remember we always do the poop patrol - cleaning up after Henry and one other dog  if we find "evidence".  With that - you can already guess what happened.

Crime and Punishment:  We've played in Michigan Park lots of times, but this trip a very apologetic maintenance man asked if we were just passing through or stopping.  When I told him we had stopped for lunch he invoked the "no dog" rule and politely booted us.  Henry was so hurt.  He just could not figure out what he'd done wrong.  He is a responsible Whittier resident too.  Oh, the double standard.  So painful.  Ejected!  I'm saying ejected!

So, today we went back to our favorite exercise walk - the Arroyo Pescadero Nature Perserve. These photos are the after photos. Its a wonderful walk but way longer than Henry and I are used to.  This is the only time I can do a close up of the boy.  He is pooped!  I'm thinking I might need some down time too!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Destruction and Temptations

The cats, Otto and Vivika Heino  decided that the allergy free phony tree was an exciting climb - amazing how much destruction they can do in so little time!  I attempted the time tested - cats hate it, crumpled sheets of aluminum foil solution.  It might have worked for Otto and Vivika, but we will never know.  Henry thought the foil was the best thing in the world.  We will still be finding the scattered shredded bits long after the New Year.

So, we purchased a noble pine.  So far it remains noble.  Henry has not piddled at its base. The cats are interested but they can't figure out how to navigate the dense mesh of branches. We will see how that goes when we have lights and decorations in place.

Henry has discovered water in the tree holder and that access needs to be blocked.  I don't know what they give the trees to keep them semi-fresh but I suspect it might be aspirin and that is toxic for pups.

Puppy proofing the house continues to be an unexpectedly complex challenge.  Henry loves to chew -- cords, shoes, leashes, collars, branches, water bottles, aluminum sheets, brushes and combs -- anything within reach that he can fit in his mouth.  And once it is in his mouth, it is his and retrieval is a "catch-me-if-you-can" game.  Yes!  After we really master "come" the next thing is "drop-it".

Following a truly scary bolt through the gate and into the street during rush hour on Monday,  "come" takes precedence over everything else.  I thought I was going to lose my boy.  Happily the cars swishing by managed to miss him, if just barely. The neighbor across the street stopped traffic one way as I stopped it in the other direction.  It took Greg coming out with treats to finally capture Henry.  We collected quite a line of disgruntled home-bound workers.

We are going through a lot of yummy treat with the "come" command.  I'm putting evil temptations in his path - allowing him in areas normally off limits -- and it is working - sometimes.   I find the sound of the container rattling gets his attention more rapidly than the command itself.  Aaarg.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dangerous Challenges

On the very positive side, Henry has learned the handy command "right", which undoubtedly means that he can tell his right from his left ..... Well, he does spin in a full circle to his right.  I'm not sure how to use this talent to my advantage, so if you can think of something please tell me.

Under "Dangerous Challenges" please add paint buckets if you have a list.  Preparing for our three kids Christmas homecoming I am painting the entry and the music room.  We are doing the whole thing with a brush since there is so much trim to paint around, which means the bucket is exposed for extended periods.  Cats, Otto and Vivika are interested - but, pup Henry is fascinated.  Oh my goodness.  What he could do with this opportunity.  Henry is doing everything he can to learn the "open the sliding door" trick.  No rewards for that one!

With my brain focused on painting, Otto and Vivika have decided that the tree is their  territory.  The lights and ornaments are not even on the thing and already they have attempted dismantling.  Looks like time for the crumpled foil at the base and bitter apple on the branches!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Not Henry

Henry doesn't hate baths - but at the same time, he could not be accused of being compliant either.  This is Henry after "helping" me with the landscaping under the avocado in the back.  While I try to convince him that a bath would be in his best interest ....

UnHenry-like, check out this easy going pup!  This dog loves baths  Henry would have to be on valium -- and possibly sleeping pills too.