Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dangerous Challenges

On the very positive side, Henry has learned the handy command "right", which undoubtedly means that he can tell his right from his left ..... Well, he does spin in a full circle to his right.  I'm not sure how to use this talent to my advantage, so if you can think of something please tell me.

Under "Dangerous Challenges" please add paint buckets if you have a list.  Preparing for our three kids Christmas homecoming I am painting the entry and the music room.  We are doing the whole thing with a brush since there is so much trim to paint around, which means the bucket is exposed for extended periods.  Cats, Otto and Vivika are interested - but, pup Henry is fascinated.  Oh my goodness.  What he could do with this opportunity.  Henry is doing everything he can to learn the "open the sliding door" trick.  No rewards for that one!

With my brain focused on painting, Otto and Vivika have decided that the tree is their  territory.  The lights and ornaments are not even on the thing and already they have attempted dismantling.  Looks like time for the crumpled foil at the base and bitter apple on the branches!


  1. Has Henry thanked you for the addition of his indoor plumbing. Bud and Jack, our Springers, wasted no time to water their first Christmas tree and the presents beneath it.

  2. Funny! So glad it happened to you as opposed to me - so far. Did I just jinx myself?