Friday, December 9, 2011

Crime and Punishment

Yesterday Henry and I packed up a picnic lunch for an afternoon in Michigan Park.  Lunch, training and exercise!

Henry likes going with the long leash - he can sniff and explore and I can keep him reasonably close.  We stay away from the picnic and play area and stick to the areas not used during school hours. Remember we always do the poop patrol - cleaning up after Henry and one other dog  if we find "evidence".  With that - you can already guess what happened.

Crime and Punishment:  We've played in Michigan Park lots of times, but this trip a very apologetic maintenance man asked if we were just passing through or stopping.  When I told him we had stopped for lunch he invoked the "no dog" rule and politely booted us.  Henry was so hurt.  He just could not figure out what he'd done wrong.  He is a responsible Whittier resident too.  Oh, the double standard.  So painful.  Ejected!  I'm saying ejected!

So, today we went back to our favorite exercise walk - the Arroyo Pescadero Nature Perserve. These photos are the after photos. Its a wonderful walk but way longer than Henry and I are used to.  This is the only time I can do a close up of the boy.  He is pooped!  I'm thinking I might need some down time too!


  1. Kicked out??? That IS it!! Henry needs to move to Urbana-Champaign where we know how to treat dogs right!!!!

  2. Yeah, Billy and Momo would be happy to have a little brother!

  3. Henry would love to live with Billy and Momo -- new dogs to do doggie things with, new places to sniff. He would be there in a heartbeat - but he knows his mom would be so sad; so he will stay with her in that incredibly not-dog-friendly Whittier.

  4. What the heck! I can't believe Henry is considered second class by anyone. When's the next election. Karrie, Adam and I are going to move there just so we can cast our votes for a new group of puppy friendly politicians.

  5. Hey, Henry, I'm here from the PBU - I can see why this is one of your favorite posts!