Monday, December 19, 2011

Super Dog

Henry graduated from his Intermediate class tonight!  -- Yes he did and we didn't even have to cheat. True, he did earn cute points and that probably contributed to his continued success. Also true without our wonderful trainer, Charlene G., we would never have made it.  She has been so supportive!

We signed up for the next level.  I've got to keep working until the little bugger will come consistently even with distractions.  That may never happen.  He just has so much energy and wants to sniff and lick the whole world.  

His best puppy friend in class, CC brought him a Christmas basket in anticipation of a successful graduation.  The yummy celebratory biscuit about to be munched was in the sack - I think CC's human Barbara may have had something to do with the gift. 

Cats, Otto and Vivika are not impressed with Henry's diploma.  But you don't see them sitting and staying for a minute ten seconds with tasty distractions.  Its a cat thing I guess.  I believe they may be jealous deep down inside.  Very, very, very deep down.


  1. And he looks SO modest---his expression saying..ahwwww, shucks, it was nothing ma!!

  2. Way to go Henry and Human, Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer is proud of you. Your Toutle family is too!!