Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Preparations

Henry and I explored the Whittier walkway today. There is a dog park coming soon along that path, so we investigated. We didn't find the construction spot for the future doggie park, (and that made us nervous since it is suppose to be here soon) but Henry liked the bridges - they are perfect spots to check out the traffic from a new perspective. That, and we are working on getting really tired today before the trick or treaters come knocking. I am thinking if we are pooped, we'll sleep in front of a classic NOT real scary story, like Clifford the Big Red Dog....or Lassie (unless little Timmy is down the well! )
So, to all our doggie friends and their parents, Happy Halloween from Henry and his mom. Hope your night is inhabited with only very friendly ghouls!  Click here to visit Henry and some of his pet family doing the Halloween dance and songfest!  
Rating: parental preview before very young puppies view.

Couch to K12 Halloween update:
30 minutes very brisk walk for Henry and his peep today.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Couch to 5k

I realized years ago that purchasing and watching the old Jane Fonda exercise video did not work.  You actually have to do the exercises too.  Go figure!

Henry and I are comfortable and content to sit in our comfy chair and check out what our fellow doggie bloggers are up to.  Like the Fonda video, that activity does not count as exercise.

So....when my younger daughter said she was starting "Couch to 5K" app on her phone, Henry and I decided to give it a try too.  We already do go for our 20 minute walk a time or two a day but this app actually requires brisk walking alternating with jogging -- or in my case, tottering.

If any of you guys would like to join us, Henry and I would love company - even if it is just on line.  I haven't run - even a little - for the last 20 years so if you are competitive, this will probably be an easy win!  

Are you in?

Day One Workout:
I only went 18 minutes and 20 seconds out of the 30 minutes required day one.  The first 10 minutes I alternated brisk walk and job that my app-trainer, Constance, told me to do.  Guess what, my brisk walk seemed to be as fast as my jog, but the jog used a whole set of different muscles.  Those muscles strenuously objected for the second half of the walk, so the remainder was just a brisk walk.  I'm thinking I'll use day one again for the second out of three attempts this week.

And Henry? He had no problem keeping up although he wanted to side trip and sniff - he understood this was something different.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Doggie Gardening

Life is pretty good.

Yesterday Henry had a bath and blow-dry at Bark and Bath.  Today he destroyed it all with just a little quality time with his peeps gardening in the the back yard. 

Rakes to bark at; dirt to roll in; mud to track.  It was great and there was only a bit of clean fluff left along the back.  The rest was decorated.

Every spot of dirt in the yard - each pile of bald cypress burrs,  Henry did his best to collect it all.  A nice even coating.

Two days, two baths.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Approaches

According to Henry, life is not easy in a house with cats. Otto and Vivika try to give advice from the top of the couch, but who knows if they are being pals or just their normal sarcastic kitty folks.

Henry has talked to the cats about Halloween. He can't remember holiday last year -- they fed him a story about ghosts and ghoulies -- scary stuff. They told him he had to trick the goblins into thinking he is one of, Henry became a ghoul too.

He is not sure if this is a good idea.  He has a few days to think it through.  He has not asked his peeps for advice.

Bath and Bark. WUFF!

Henry visited "Bath and Bark" today. Does this look indicate resentment? ... even with a yummy chew.   

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Football Is Boring

Henry is thinking that his mom and dad are pretty silly.  They sit in front of the UW Husky vrs. O Ducks football game and get all excited.  Henry thinks it is boring. All that yelling and groaning-emotional turmoil.  Henry likes a little easy listening music instead.

On to other things:

Henry's fur is growing out. He just looks chubby -  but he is as skinny as ever.  He is just a fur ball.  Along with fur balls comes a problem.  The unofficial groomer in the house is worried about developing matts.

Not really happy about grooming even when the brusher is as gentle as possible, we are exploring possible treatments to help with matts.  We've tried the cornstarch solution - it helped but didn't help enough.

We upgraded to Petco conditioning/dematting spray.  It was a disappointment.  Then we found Cowboy Magic.  It is still not the perfect solution to those little snarls, but mama-groomer has one side of the rump done and it ready to work on the other side (that seems to be the only place Henry's coat gets those little mats).  From the pup's perspective, it is a great way to earn treats.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pumpkin-Yogurt Pops for Pups

All of the yummy treats from yesterday disappeared. Those slices of sweet potato were great...too great.

Henry's sweet-potato chips were out and cooling on racks.   Each time anyone wandered through the kitchen they snagged a couple.  Since there were a fair number of wandering humans, Henry's chips did not last too long.

Henry was not pleased.  He only got four.  He knows who ate his treats and from this point on, he will not willingly share his kibble with any of his human friends.  So there!  (It will not be mentioned that his kibble is of limited interest to humans.) I am not even going to bring up the thievery to the neighbor pit bull, Sheldon.  I don't want to irritate that sweet boy!

So today I am working on another puppy treat.  This time it is frozen pumpkin-yogurt pops.  Henry loves pumpkin and yogurt - and apple, so I chopped one up and added it to the mix as an apology.

 Frozen Pumpkin-Yogurt Pops for Pups:
1 16 oz. can of pumpkin - not pumpkin pie filling 
(a cooking pumpkin works in place of,  of course)
1 32 oz. carton plain yogurt (I use the low-fat or non-fat yogurt)
Mix the two ingredients together and pour the mixture into cupcake papers or ice cube trays and freeze them. Henry is a 17 pound pup, so his treats are in ice-cube trays.

When frozen,  I'll try one out on Henry and promptly be forgiven for the slip-up with the sweet-potato chip distribution.

LATER: It is now officially a Henry approved treat.  Finger licking good!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yummy Healthy Treat!

The pit bull through our fence is a powerful fellow and I want to remain on his BFF list. Henry has decided he is not best friends material and has taken to barking up a storm when they are opposites on the fence - especially since we returned at the end of the summer.

So Henry and I are taking treats to share; one for Henry, one for Sheldon. I've explained the situation to Henry, but he just doesn't get it...the whole roll over and be submissive, or have serious injuries concept seems to be beyond him. We'll keep working on it.

This is my latest treat attempt. Henry and Sheldon seem to like it even more than Pup Corn, which they thought was pretty tasty. 

I found a bunch more recipe ideas at:  I'll try some of them and share the successes and failures.  If you get there first, please tell me how it goes!


Henry may have a new friend - they are still getting acquainted, but I think they have a future. Henry had some reservations about the romper puppy and did some growling and charging until we explained the situation to him.  I mean, how was he to know that the giant was a baby?

Grover is three months old and still growing; he is going to be a big guy.  Three parts poodle and one part golden retriever.  I guess that makes him a golden-doodle?  What a hilarious dorkie dog!  Such a doll.

Next visit, hopefully they will romp together.  This time, Henry was not too sure what to think about his visitor.  Blind dates are always so awkward!