Saturday, October 12, 2013

Football Is Boring

Henry is thinking that his mom and dad are pretty silly.  They sit in front of the UW Husky vrs. O Ducks football game and get all excited.  Henry thinks it is boring. All that yelling and groaning-emotional turmoil.  Henry likes a little easy listening music instead.

On to other things:

Henry's fur is growing out. He just looks chubby -  but he is as skinny as ever.  He is just a fur ball.  Along with fur balls comes a problem.  The unofficial groomer in the house is worried about developing matts.

Not really happy about grooming even when the brusher is as gentle as possible, we are exploring possible treatments to help with matts.  We've tried the cornstarch solution - it helped but didn't help enough.

We upgraded to Petco conditioning/dematting spray.  It was a disappointment.  Then we found Cowboy Magic.  It is still not the perfect solution to those little snarls, but mama-groomer has one side of the rump done and it ready to work on the other side (that seems to be the only place Henry's coat gets those little mats).  From the pup's perspective, it is a great way to earn treats.


  1. Same here. This one yells at the TV too, nutty
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh, Henry, you still look lovely, even with headphones on!
    I get massive matts behind my ears and they're so hard to get out. Have fun!
    Pippa :)