Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Little Cracked Egg and Eye Candy

Trumpet Vine
Anna Apple

Floss Silk Tree Seed Pods

Henry tells me that the Burro travel trailer is getting too much attention in his blog.  I reassured him that he is much cuter and he decided it was okay as long as I would name the thing "The Little Cracked Egg" or "Broken Loaf."  Of course his wish is always my command - unless it has to do with barking at the neighbors or chewing my computer cords.  So, the name is chosen - and I must admit, he did pretty much describe our travel companion.

So -- now that is settled.  In celebration Henry and I went out to record spring-time eye candy in our backyard.

Old Fashion Roses

Friday, April 27, 2012

Exciting Day!

Henry had a trip to the beauty parlour.  He is so handsome!  Downright regal don't you think?  Ear hair is getting long and longer. The rest of him is ready for summer - rolling in the dirt and running in the woods.

So there I was.  No Henry to play with - so I went to Jo Ann Fabric and chose awning fabric for the little travel trailer.

Wow.  That sounded like I know what I'm doing!  I don't.

I did discover framework plans and awning sewing instructions on the web.  You can believe anything you see on the web, right?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Travel Trailer

The little Burro is still unnamed, but I'm thinking maybe "Little Doggie House" might be appropriate.  I've attempted a video of the small thing, but with limited success.  It is too tiny to see much of the inside.  I kept getting partial sections of a wall that made no sense.

So here is what I've got, followed with the layout and interior shots. 

Got to say, I think it is great that they did the cutaway of the plan.  It certainly gives a more realistic feeling of the space (or lack thereof) than the layout view to the right.


Cutaway Placement:
#1 shows the "cupboard" to the left of the entry door.  Not big enough for a hanger in case you are curious. I am thinking of a small air conditioner inside the space.  I think I might have one spotted that will fit!

#2 shows the second back corner and second side window.  They are both screened and slide for ventilation.

#3 Shows the kitchen.  Two burner stove top, pump sink and refrigerator all work surprisingly well for a 30 year old travel trailer.

 #4 Shows the end of the kitchen and the bench to the right of the entrance.  I've got a step under the bench to help with getting in and out of the trailer from outside.

And finally the endorsement:
"Hi, I'm Henry and I approve of this trailer.  Now stop bothering me Sue.  I'm busy exploring in case there are interesting smells."

Road Trip!

Henry and I went on an explore.  We heard about a 13 foot burro travel trailer in Hollister California and decided to go check it out.  First we passed the Angeles National Forest.  Henry couldn't figure out why there were no trees.

Then we took a shortcut off I-5 and across to Hollister.  What was Henry thinking! It was beautiful, but a reminder why "shortcut" is a misnomer.  See those hills way off at the end of that road?  We passed two pickup trucks getting to those hills.  They had to be locals because looked at us like they knew we were making a mistake. No one else would have driven on that skinny little road that followed the hills contours.  They managed to make 15 miles of mountain into 47.  It was very pretty though and worth the detour.  ........only, Henry got car sick, poor baby and it was way too narrow to stop in case there was a third car - so no pictures.

On the up-side, we bought our little 1982 Burro.  It is so cute.....and needs so much work - Henry and I are going be doing some intensive "figuring out" to work out about how to do repairs and sprucing up. 

We slept in it on the way home and it was lovely.  Just the right size for the two of us. 
On the way home we drove highway 101 because Henry wanted to visit the ocean.  It was his first trip and he couldn't figure out why those waves kept coming back to attack him. He did find a furry carcas I had to pry from his teeth twice - once on the way to the water and once on the way back. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Doggie Dreams

He is a sleeping Henry and suddenly his tail begins to madly dance against the couch. He is draped along the top of the couch back in doggie heaven. I wonder what his dog dreams look like.

I suspect this one might have something to do with delicious treats. Or...maybe travelling to visit his friend Arlo.  That usually gets a doggie grin out of my boy.  It could even be something as sly as capturing my slipper. 

Henry is a Southern California doggie though.  This much tail wagging could easily be him dreaming surfer wanna-be dreams about riding the waves.  To that I offer a "humph,"  and a, "that is not ever going to happen" to my sleeping water challenged pooch.   Sweet dreams Henry.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Triangle According to Pup

Sue was not happy about me chewing up her i-phone cord, but there it was in all its tasty goodness.  Those little tidbits are so yummy to chew.  Little hard metal parts bend easily and crunch up almost like a nut (which I also really like).

The nut is there and quickly gone. With that i-phone cord, I got fifteen or twenty minutes of joy before I was discovered.  My mouth especially likes the variation in the parts: the cord has a lovely chewy springy texture in my mouth.  Then you get into the core and it has a metallic goodness I find interesting.

My human is pretty well trained.  It wasn't a complete stupid human freak-out.  She made a sounds like, "Aaarg.  What the ???" and then she did the jaw-pry and told me, "Can you imagine that in your digestive tract, you idiot?" Sometimes I am not treated with enough respect.  It is as if she thinks I don't know what I am doing.

Won't make me fat like this furry-kitty beastie! I think of it as a lo-cal option.... and, well, all I can add is that it is roughage.  That's healthy, right?  It comes under the category of "stuff found on the floor."  Got to say Sue discovered my treat when I went back to do dessert,  the i-phone.  Guess I'll have to save that for later.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Herman the Giant Bunny Rabbit

This is the very large 'German Giant' rabbit named Herman, in the arms of his owner, Hans Wagner.  Herman and Hans are both very handsome and made me think about big animals.  Look at those rabbits feet!  Herman must be one very luck rabbit!

I've been concerned about my Mom's male cat, Otto.  Otto does not have huge feet, but the rest of him is getting pretty hefty and controlling his food intake has been a problem.

Mom puts Otto and Vivika's food out at bedtime.  Vivika remains swelt and Otto (to put it politely) is getting to be a chunk.  Ribs are no longer apparent and Mom says that is a problem.

When Otto runs out of food, he visits my dish.  Now, dog food is not what a cat should be eating - even the good stuff Mom feeds me.  Otto doesn't really like it.  I'm thinking he is a compulsive eater and has little or no respect for himself.

I mean, eating dog food if you are a cat is just not right!  I'm watching my dish real carefully from here on out...only not right now because I need a short nap while Mom plays on the keyboard.

After all, I've been helping her think through what to do about the fatty cat. ....oops, Mom said that was rude.

Crutches! Really?

Time for my walk Ma.  Lets go! Lets go, lets go, lets go.

What the heck?  What are those things?  Wimpy Mama, you were suppose to walk that crimp out yesterday.  That is the whole problem with two legs versus four superior puppy legs.  Humans are so poorly constructed.

I did the two miles with you and now this?  Humph.   Saw those two Aleves you took.  Saw the sack of frozen peas icing that knee - and then saw you attempt that ungainly dash for the phone - and just not make it. 

Dopey human.  Who is going to take me for my walk?  You need to think ahead for heavens sake.  Keep focused on who is important here.  How about the dog park?  At least I'll get my exercise and get to visit with some cool doggies. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wonderful Day

Southern California is gorgeous in the late spring.  Not too hot to walk out to pick a treat in the garden. The oranges, tomatoes, and avocados are ready.

Unfortunately, Mama isn't all that generous, she doesn't let me have the avocados or tomatoes.  She says they'll make me sick.  Hum, I think she might just be selfish.  And, she only gives me a slice or two of orange. I think that is because the oranges are really yummy this time of the year.  Got to say, I think mom is kind of greedy. 

The "swimming pool"
warms up quickly.  Look at how adventurous  I am!  I played with the hose and got wet and then even stuck my nose in the "pool" water.  I was really brave. Afterwards I rolled in the dirt.  Now I look a real roughneck boy!

I didn't have my life jacket on and since I just ate my orange slice, I thought I'd better not go all the way in.  You are suppose to wait the hour after eating of course. Yes.  I am a smart brave dog. Not the least bit chicken-ish about up-to-the-ankle water.

Now it is time to sit in the sun and dry out a bit.  Mom is not enthused about me coming inside when I'm dripping.  Humans are so silly.  Dripping doesn't bother me a bit - I like it a lot more than the other options!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dog Dung Vacuum

So I've always thought of puppy poop duty as exercise.  I don't own a gym membership - so collecting toys,  walking the dog, gathering shredded paper products, picking up poop -- it is all about keeping in shape.  Right?
To the right is a pooper vacuum.   Has anyone used one of these?  I suppose if you have a whole pack it would be pretty nifty - but then I can't see the size of the bag as functional.

This device vacuums pet waste into a disposable bag, eliminating the need to bend over and scoop excrement by hand. A 30,000-rpm motor quickly suctions dog waste from grass, concrete, or even snow-covered ground into a plastic bag that removes for ease of disposal. The bag wraps around the vacuum's intake to prevent waste from touching any part of the device. About the size of a leaf blower, the cordless vacuum transports easily around a yard and stores unobtrusively. Provides up to 50 cleanups after a 12-hour charge via the included AC adapter. Includes 25 3-lb.-capacity bags. 34" H x 6 1/2" W x 13" D. (4 1/4 lbs.)The Dog Dung Vacuum comes with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee at no additional charge. If this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return it for exchange, credit, or refund.

Randy forwarded this to me.  Here is his comment: "There is just something about this concept that grosses me out.  I know picking up with ye olde poope bag is not elegant, but I just picture a huge "schloooooooock, sluuuurp" sound at this machine functions---uggggggg!!! " 

Randall -- nothing related to your two handsome dogs, Billy and Momo,  could possibly be "ugggggg!"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Swimmers Unite - Summer Approaches

Chocolate Lab Retriever - photo credit: by immaterial

Coming to us via my nephew - this handsome fellow is ready for his summer swim.  I showed the photo to Henry (who recently received his life jacket) and he was not as impressed.  Go figure.

Maybe I should have shown him the photo before I tried on the jacket.  The measurements were right - but I'm exchanging it for a shorter version.  When the straps are tightened all the way, it is snug, but this one just seems too long.  So, I'm switching from a medium to a small/medium.

I don't think Henry has any Chocolate Lab genes in his fluffy little body, so we are going to go for safe.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Saving His Human

It is difficult being a dog in a human dominated household.  Humans say "No, that wouldn't be good for you."

Sure.  They say it, but we are all animals. If it good for the human - it is good for the dog.  And, more importantly, if it is bad for human, Henry is willing to sacrifice himself for the health of his human. 

Yes, he is just that dedicated to Sue's health.  Henry's miserable doggie sounds are pathetic when that carmel dulce de leche  is disappearing into Sue. Translation is, "No, no.  Dear Human, don't do that to yourself.  Let me save you!"

....and proving his commitment - the remnants were rescued from the trash, just in case his Human was going to re-establish ownership and clean out the last bits.  That is dedication.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Small French Tribute to Otto and Vivika

This cat is named Henri - not to be confused with Henry the Whittier wonder dog.  I will not mention which of our cats could easily be cast in the roll of the white cat and which certainly does resemble the black cat in disposition.  However, I can state that the disdain is pathetically acted out by both Otto and Vivika at times.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Travel Trailer: part II

On the "Henry, Sue and a fiberglass eggshell travel trailer" theme, I had to post this video.  I found it in my search for the perfect travel trailer and thought you might like to laugh with me.

Sadly enough, this does  represent my thoughts on pulling the popular 16 foot as opposed to the little 13 foot travel trailer for which I'm searching.

My pup Henry, naturally, just rolled his eyes and thought it looked like a good adventure to him.  And I guess that is true.

On the travel trailer search, what Henry fails to understand is that it is really rare to find a 13 foot with a real toilet and shower as opposed to a porta-potty and a sponge bath.  Heck he doesn't care as long as he has a bush.

I've been convinced that the 1,000 + mile trip to the far side of Texas to check out a trailer is probably not my best choice.  Things can look deceptively good on-line. There has got to be one closer.  Anywhere in the Western United States you guys.  Help me!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1984 U Haul Travel Trailer

Henry is an adventurous pup.  He has marked every post, tree, bush and fireplug in his home stomping grounds.  Now he is ready to broaden the scope of his piddles!  The last couple of months we've visited all the logical sites we could find - craigslist, RV trader,, ebay - and they've been visited on a daily basis.  There isn't a lot available that fits Henry's demands.  

This is a 1984 U Haul Travel trailer.  Henry has decided it going to be his dream trailer.  Small enough for Mom to haul and maneuver when it is just the two of us, but enough room for Dad when he can come play too.

The top picture is a cool one all polished up and pretty yummy inside and out.  It is not for sale, but we found one - maybe.  It is in Austin Texas - 1366 miles from Whittier.  Mapquest said it would be a 20 hour drive.

The must haves that Henry's mama listed has been whittled down and down: 
  1. Light Weight 13' fiberglass
  2. No leaks
  3. "Move-in" ready
  4. and the painful one - went from wet bath to marine toilet
We plan to travel with our puppy fence for stops - to create a little Henry yard.  So, your job, my friends:  before I make the purchase, what is wrong with this plan?

My dog loves Vacuum Cleaner

This is not Henry - in case you didn't catch on to that one.  In fact, Henry suspects that this handsome pup might have been hitting either pain killers or a suspicious bottle of some sort.  Henry is currently in psychotherapy for his feelings about vacuums, brooms, rakes and shovels.  The therapist assures him that all dogs have the same fears - after views this video, Henry is now racked with doubt.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rescue Dog Mama!

We know it is blurry in freeze frame, but all this talk about summer has gotten Henry thinking.  If his human is going to encourage him to swim in that lake again, there might be a need for some reinforcements!

Uncle Randy has a suggestion that Henry's human could implement! Check out this video explanation by clicking on the following:  Rescue Dog Mama

That Mama dog has the right idea.  Push from behind and if that doesn't work, get out of the pool to drag the baby out of the water and way far away from the wet stuff! 

Perhaps the nicest moment is at the end.  Mama shakes off the extra water.  Pup sits down and is completely relaxed.  Such trust in Mama dog.  Either we are taking that Mama dog along or Henry is wearing his life jacket like it or not!