Friday, April 20, 2012

Crutches! Really?

Time for my walk Ma.  Lets go! Lets go, lets go, lets go.

What the heck?  What are those things?  Wimpy Mama, you were suppose to walk that crimp out yesterday.  That is the whole problem with two legs versus four superior puppy legs.  Humans are so poorly constructed.

I did the two miles with you and now this?  Humph.   Saw those two Aleves you took.  Saw the sack of frozen peas icing that knee - and then saw you attempt that ungainly dash for the phone - and just not make it. 

Dopey human.  Who is going to take me for my walk?  You need to think ahead for heavens sake.  Keep focused on who is important here.  How about the dog park?  At least I'll get my exercise and get to visit with some cool doggies. 


  1. What have you done? You go from Dog Dung Vac to Wonderful Day to Crutches??? Karrie wants to know if Greg is just shaking his head over your new found "Adventures" or what?

    1. And way later, I'm still limping around. At least I'm not using the crutches - icing is a good thing.