Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cuddle Time

Sweet story. Fifteen and a half year old Hunter recently went to doggie heaven. After we said our blog goodbyes, Roger sent this photo of Hunter and Daisy Mae.

Daisy has been Roger and Karrie's hyperactive rescue pup for the last month and a half.  For Hunter's last couple of days Daisy left her hyperactivity behind and became the puppy warming blanket for Hunter.  Roger said she rarely left his side.

After revealing her quiet and sweet side, she is back to her "crazy" Daisy Mae self now.  I wonder how our cats and dogs know what is needed by both their human and other animal friends. Our pup, Henry and two house kitties, Otto and Vivka,  always seem to figure out when it is play time and when it is a serious cuddle time.

Right now, Henry is telling me enough of the sweet stuff - its time to run.  That leash is off the hook and he's ready to go down hill to Starbucks!  Maybe we'll "wuff" at some local dogs.


  1. Humans always are amazed that we know stuff...we're amazed that they don't!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. I guess I should not be surprised. As Henry's Mom, I know who is in training and who is the teacher.

  2. It is something how our pets always know what is needed of them. Cute picture!

  3. What a sweet picture! It lifts my heart. Thanks for sharing the nice story.