Friday, March 30, 2012

Bye-bye Hunter

We've lost a buddy.   Hunter was the "grandpa dog" for our extended family.  He was Roger and Karrie's furry boy and he had a great life in his older years on the Toutle River with the folks he loved the best.

Our enthusiastic, hyper-puppy Henry got to visit Hunter last summer.   Hunter was charmingly patient with his zippy little cousin - undoubtedly under orders from his mom and dad.  Hunter introduced Henry to the river and the woods below Mt. St. Helen.  Henry recognized it was just about the perfect dog place.

So that there will be no chance for you think Hunter was the least bit boring, I will tell you an Alaska story.  The tale is that a handsome young Hunter got his name when exploring the bay in a doggie fishing expedition.  He was near Craig Alaska when his prey attached to his snout.  I don't know if his mom and dad managed to collect the crab for dinner - but Hunter got his name.  I think the experience was worth getting such a great moniker.  Great dog.  Bye Hunter.  Happy hunting big guy.


  1. I got to your blog via Pet Blogs United and love it! Your human is a terrific story teller and your pictures are beautiful. We'll definitely be regular visitors!


    PS Sorry your lost your buddy to the big woods in the sky. Happy crabbing, Hunter.

  2. That is SAD news! Hunter was a most excellent dog and I'm sure he is up there in the happy hunting ground/stream/field in the sky sniffing away already!!!!!!

  3. Well, It is a sad time here, but we had 15 1/2 yrs with Hunter and many happy memories. 13 of those years in Alaska where he got in a lot of mischief. We had a fish pond with the blackest, stinkiest mud you'll ever come across, so of course it was one of his favorite spots to cool off on a day. Poor Hunter will most likely be, once again, harassed by his crazy brother, Horrible Harley, who left us last year. Doggie Heaven will never be the same!

  4. Happy hunting, Hunter! Say hello to Max for us in the Doggie Heaven!