Thursday, March 8, 2012


Henry does not approve of it when I get off topic - him being on topic of course.  I could not pass this one up though so please forgive me doggie lovers.

If you have not seen this video, you must watch it.  It is such a fantastic three minutes! It covers the rescue of a confused pod of dolphins on a beach with confused human reactions as a sideshow.

It is one of those events where intervention made a difference.  Can you imagine what a fantastic feeling of success those beach goers must have felt?  To touch and rescue a dolphin would be a life memory for me.


  1. Henry will forgive you I'm sure. Though it might take an extra treat. Has Henry been to the beach yet? Bud, Jack, Hunter and Harley all loved the ocean. We'll find out about Crazy, I mean Daisy.

  2. No beach yet. The only one available to dogs is not fenced on the PCH side. I'm thinking Henry is not ready for the temptation. I sure cannot run fast enough to catch the little guy! I'm thinking the introduction will be on a deserted Oregon beach somewhere.