Friday, March 16, 2012

Washed and Groomed and Clipped

Enough of this!

Henry's beautiful fur has grown to be over four inches long.  It is beautiful.  It is lovely. Henry and I comb and brush at least 1/2 hour a day - working on those inevitable snarls.  His combination of the very baby fine soft undercoat and only slightly stiffer overcoat is a grooming killer.

Henry loves to plunge into the sprinkler, roll in the dirt, then coat himself with the bald cypress hooked nettles.  His lovely charcoal tipped white hair becomes charcoal tipped dingy.

Henry covering his grubby little face.

He still looks precious...but as his hair grows longer we are dealing with more little mats.  They seem to appear from nowhere. No matter how careful I am, Henry does not like getting those mats combed out.

The comb stays next to my chair and between grooming efforts, Henry tries to capture the comb and hide it.  He is frustrated at his lack of success.  There seems to be an endless supply of combs and brushes in this house.

Our last visit with Jessica at PetCo was a success.  She was gentle with the Henry and although he returned all fluffy and girlie, he also returned un-traumatized.  That is a major plus.

Wait for it.  Twelve noon today sweet Henry will be losing his black tips and going down to an inch.

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