Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Girl

This is Arlo : )
Otis ready to adopt.
Ready to stop at the vet on the way home.
Henry was left behind at home and felt very offended - I went to visit Downey Rescue without my boy.  It is a fine place, but I figured there might be some spare doggie germs lurking.

Otis and Dana are adopting a two year old friend for Arlo -  (Arlo being one of Henry's two best friends). He is a bit arthritic and long in the tooth, but still perky enough to race around with my boy, Henry.

The newby looks a bit like a female version of Arlo - but you can tell the difference.  She is a smaller, more delicate version wearing the infamous cone of shame.  NP (newby pup) has two chewed front knees. 

Dana called to tell me that NP got a clean bill of health from the vet.  Next stop - PetCo - with all those tempting doggie goodies.

Here is the problem.   Now I know how to get to the main rescue site.  I know how many gorgeous pups and kitties they have in their buildings.  What do you want to bet the perfect companion for Henry awaits us in one of those cages?  That's not a problem?  Hum.  I don't know if my lap is large enough for two.  Maybe a lap and a foot dog?

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  1. Sue and Karrie. Step away from the rescue puppies, way away!!