Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today only!  "Woof" means "Its my birthday and Mom is going to make me birthday cookies!"  ....or maybe it is, "Dad got strawberry pie for his birthday a couple of days ago, but Mom must love me more because mine will have pureed chicken in it. Yummmmm."

"Woof" might also mean, "I was thinking about having a party, but that would mean I would have to share."  Mom has this silly rule that when I'm with friends, if I get something they get it too.  Yes, I know that might sound fair in convoluted human thought, but cookies only stretch so far.  I get two a day until the supply runs out.  Do the math!

So here we go!  I've earned it.  Mom,  get off the computer.  Come on.  Lets go. I did the birthday picture.  That's my part.  Cookies!  Cookies!

It smells fantastic -- boy, Mom must be a great cook.  Humph.  No spills.  What's up with that? She'll let me lick the bowl after she scrapes out the last of the dough if I am really good.  Don't you think that birthdays are really great? 


  1. Happy Birthday, Henry! We hope you get all the cookies you can eat. :)

    Our pal Oskar, sent us here.

  2. Thanks for visiting Furries. I did get to lick the bowl and I got the first cookie off the pan. Nice! I'm trying to look pathetic so Mom will give me another one (and another, and another.....)

  3. Happy Birthday, Henry! Oskar sent us over. of course if we'd known about you, we would have been over sooner. The big'll be a teenage dog soon.

    Hope it was a HUGE celebration.

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Crazy Daisy says "Bark Bark Bark Wooof Wooof Wooof Bark Bark Bark"
    Which only us hounds know as Morse Code for SOS or Send over Some.

  5. Just popped over from Oskar's to say Happy Birthday Henry! You're a real sweetie! It's so nice to meet you. :)

  6. Hi Henry ~ I popped over from Oskar's blog. You must be real special in order to get those cookies. The way I do the math I figured there was one for me! Happy Barkday!
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. Happiest Birthday To You, Henry! From me, Stella. You don't know me, I live with my mom Jo, and my cat Zkhat. We all hope you had a very special day.

    Your buddy Oskar told us about you and said that we should meet you. So howdy, and we will add you to my google reader to follow your next exciting adventure.