Saturday, March 3, 2012

Animal Politics

Say what you will, humans are not really the most appropriate or qualified of earth's inhabitants to run the planet.   We've tended to muck things up.  So, in order to  create ... a more perfect union .... there have been new developments! 

Hank could be an answer for our nation! He is certainly superior to some of our senate hopefuls.  He is getting a very early start and would like you to seriously consider his candidacy!  At the same time, please ignore the opposition illustrated in the second link.  They are without vision.  Click on both links for in/complete information.

Hank for Senate Site:

Our pup Henry does not feel he is ready for a senate run in the near future - just not enough experience yet.  He is throwing his support behind Hank.  Henry is, however,  considering a run in the Whittier mayors race on a Dog Park Platform.


  1. The dog park platform?

    Hmmm, that could raise a stink.....

    Make sure you keep you candidate firmly on leash....

    In his battle against the incumbent that fur will really be flying....

  2. :) Sometimes fur has to fly for a good cause!