Saturday, March 10, 2012


Henry is an only dog.  He has two cats, but they don't really count in the dog world.  Instead of being alone, Henry has decided to adopt an ape.  The ape makes ape sounds when he is squeezed just right - and quite a bit of squeezing does take place.

Concern about a tear along the apes side has made Henry very careful.  To preserve the ape, Henry tried placing it in a cactus that his Mom has on the patio.  The prickles should keep everyone away.
That did seem like a great protected place but the ape started to do its "woo, woo, woo, chee, chee, chee" sound and Henry realized that the prickles from the cactus must be hurting his friend.  So, the ape was carefully removed from the plant.

Henry is currently searching for another spot.  The toy box seemed too public.  Behind the couch pillow worked until the pillow was placed back on the couch.   Under Greg's chair was great until the chair was reclined ... and so the search continues.

It is difficult being an only dog with the responsibility of the physical and mental health of an ape.  With the realization of the enormity of the task, Henry finally appreciates his Humans and their efforts on his behalf.

Well, this is all true except the final sentence.  I believe Henry does love his humans in a doggie sort of way, but he still considers them sadly inept.  His opinion would bump up if more walks, more trips to the dog park, more treats and more ball throwing were immediately scheduled.  Take note Henry's Human.


  1. Billy and Momo have a suggestion. In order to "protect" their new toys, they just shred them. That way, their toys are always new.........

  2. Ah. I understand. That stack of stuffed animals I have awaiting repair I should just hand over to the canine terrorist?

  3. Hunter is of the shred mentality and at this moment I've come close to my limit of Daisy's method. That is, lay on her back next to my chair and squeak her octopus again and again and again ..............

  4. She has you trained already? Wow. That is one smart dog!