Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Looking For Help!

There are so many challenges in bringing up a pup.  Randy and Misumi in Champaign have sent along a concern in hopes that they can get some advice.  I don't know what to tell them; neither does Henry.    Henry thinks we need help on this one, so please chirp in if you have solutions.

Here is the story: Billy's dog buddy,  Momo needed to wear a cone and that was not popular, so, I'm thinking Momo got a lot of extra attention and love - not that I can imagine Momo ever lacking in either.  Billy, pictured on the right, watched and being a smart dog, learned.  Here is the note from Randy:

When we came home from work today, we did not see Billy. We did see Momo and she was not wearing her cone of shame.  We thought maybe Billy had torn it off of her.  He has been very, very jealous of all the attention she has been getting and for her recent online fame.
We found Billy looking at himself in the bedroom mirror, dressed just like this.
Frankly, we don't quite know what it means, but it seems to be a "howl for help."
Do you have any suggestions for good Redbone Coonhound therapists?
Henry is thinking that maybe just posting his picture here will be enough. We can but hope. In puppy talk, I think I heard Henry say, "Billy needs to man up." Coming from Henry I think that is a bit ridiculous. Come on, you seasoned dog owners.  Help out here.


  1. Poor, pooooooooor creature! Fortunately, we have an excellent Vet Med program here at the U of Illinois. Hopefully, they have some doggie psych specialists there who can help him in this moment of need.

  2. I hope the U of Illinois Vet Med program does not involve shock treatments.