Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crossword According to Henry  
                     (or)  Sue’s Pup’s Vocabulary
2--Remover of my applied “protective” coating
3--Clueless, irritating household pets
5—Canine servants
7--Top bark getter in yard tools
9--What Dad says instead of “Mom” when I don’t quite make it outside (not swearing)
10--God’s nearly perfect creation
11--When Mom waters outside,  I collect _ _ _
13--Chew targets that makes Mom chase me
14--(two words) fluff extraction targets
15--What Dad calls me (hint: I think it might be a tailored to this pup insult)
1--Where I take Mom to keep her in shape: on _ _ _ _ _
3--If I want to keep the computer working for my blog, I should stop chewing this
4--Heavenly lickable Kong stuffer
6- -What Mom thinks I am
8- -This makes my favorite: gerber chicken, powdered milk, ground flax seed, wheatgerm
12--As their guard dog, I attack this with licking abandon 


  1. how, exactly, do you expect Henry to do this crossword? he has no THUMBS to hold the pencil needed to fill in the answers!!!!!!

  2. Some dogs are just more talented than others. Billy is still a really, really good dog Randy. That lick action Henry uses just makes him more dexterous I guess.

  3. I can't get my head wrapped around this. I'm trying to print it, but it comes out about 2" square. I am going to solve this puzzle!