Monday, March 12, 2012

A Chance Encounter

Henry discovered a handsome ten year old Bishon  Frise while out walking. The Bishon's mama, Becky, and Henry's mama (that would be me) started talking dogs.  Becky is convinced Henry is part Bishon due to the curly tail, the fur and the tummy spotting. That is fine with me since her pup is a darling little fellow.

Here is the lovely but startling story - Becky found a matted, bedraggled and dirty white stray and caught the lost dog.  I think the pup she caught is the pup to the left.  The stray was frightened and nervous, and after attempting to get her cleaned up at a groomer - an unfortunate failure  - (she bit the groomer) Becky turned to Whittier P.D. for help.  They said they would take her to Downey Rescue.  Guess what!  That was one year ago.  Just when Henry's birth mom turned up at Downey Rescue frightened, nervous, matted, bedraggled and dirty. They named her Chloe. I believe a link to Henry's past has been discovered!

It was a pleasure to be able to tell Becky the next section of Chloe's story.  Downey Rescue did not know that Chloe was pregnant (neither did Becky) until the matting was cut off.  It was that thick and bad.  After a radical trim,  it was apparent that there was more to the underfed wanderer than a single dog. Chloe had four pups in her litter: Anouk, Bobboo, Pontouf - and of course, Henry.

I was able to tell Becky about the other pups and about Deb from the rescue. Deb took the mama into her house giving her and the litter their first comfortable home - at least in recorded history. Deb's living room was completely transformed to a dog friendly enclosure.  It was obvious that all the pups thrived in that loving environment.

I see Deb now and then and we both wonder about all those other pups.  They were all adopted.  They were each adorable and deserving of the best of homes. 

A heartfelt thank you from Henry and his human, Sue, to the Debs of the world and to the Beckys too.  Without Becky, Deb could not have performed her magic on Henry's family. 

Finally, to all of you pups out there searching for your story - you never know when it will be completed by a chance encounter.  Keep sniffing those other dogs! Your story is out there somewhere.


  1. Amazing coincidence. Another one is Karrie ran into Theresa Sadler today at Target. Her husband is Richard, they lived on Prince of Wales Island and they now live on So. Toutle Rd. just before you turn up Frank Smith to our house.

  2. That is very, very amazing. I'd say it would be about a 1 in several million chance. Rats. Guess there would be no point in getting a lottery ticket now.

  3. Omg!!!! I am freaking out! I set out tonight for absolutely no reason other than boredom to try and find MY adopted dog's siblings...they had weird names so I thought maybe I would have some luck, but unfortunately I didnt .... Once I gave up k decided "well before I put my phone down, I'm going to find out once and for all the origin of these names because they were all so unique....PONTOUF, BOBBOO AND ANOUK!!!!!! That's when I found YOU and started to freak out ! I found my little Louis' (formerly Pontouf) brother's blog!!!! I got so excited and showed louis a picture of his brother. It's so weird because in the book we were given of photos, we only saw 4 puppies right in the early stages, and the rest of the photos were of 3 dogs ... I always worried that one passed away, but now I know that it was HENRY, and he is alive and well. Maybe it's because my husband and I are thinking about having kids soon... But the doggy mom side of me just got so emotional to find his brother, I've always wanted louis to meet his siblings and get to love on them! He is such a 'people dog' and prefers people over other dogs, but I KNOW if he ever saw his brother or sister he would just know! Especially since the only dogs he isn't afraid of are ones that look like him. Anyways.... I'll stop babbling now out of excitement , but I'd love to talk and if you are ever interested in having a doggy reunion, my husband and I would love that, we live in irvine :) my email is ! I am mostly just glad to see how gorgeous and precious his brother is , it's comforting to know his family is in good hands ! Xoxo, Missy, Jeff & Louis