Monday, March 5, 2012

Health and Happiness Gizmos

Henry loves the concept of humans taking care of superior dog creatures.  Some things, however, have him scratching his, I mean really!  

A hyper and anxiety prone pooch can't control herself and ends up encased in a thunder shirt?  Now that just sounds scary.  I know we have all read the ads....but Henry awaits news from the Toutle River and Daisy Mae.  Daisy is considering allowing her humans to dress her up in the shirt.  They have purchased it, but she has not given permission quite yet.  Her comment  to Henry is that she'll allow it when her humans try it first.  She promises to send a photo for Henry to post when her humans try the shirt on (but she didn't explain if it would be a picture of them or her).

And then - there is the "cone of shame."  Yes, most of pups have been there at one time or another.  Momo had a growth removed and it really itched.  Well, what would you do?  Scratch, right?  They told her it was a halo. For heaven's sake, Momo is not that gullible. I don't see Momo's humans wearing a big plastic cone!  I don't see them bumping into door frames as they maneuver around the house.  Henry is sure Momo will get even.

As much as Henry likes being taken care of and treated as prince of the house,  he can't quite figure how his human comes up with this junk!  Apparently Henry's cousins, Momo and Daisy Mae are asking the same questions.


  1. I think in our case Daisy needs the cone so she'll stop ripping the shirt off or we heavily medicate her while she's wearing it, but then we wouldn't need it. Must be another version of the old "catch 22". We will keep at it and hopefully she'll give up before we do.

  2. Maybe if you give her treats when she "leaves it"? That sounds like a problem. Can she actually pull the thing off? Rats.