Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Momo the Beautiful
There are many beautiful things in our doggy world, but what could possibly be more lovely than a gorgeous little lady sleeping in the sun?  See the smile.  It does make me wonder what sweet dreams Momo is experiencing.  Probably something to do with her human,  Misumi.

When my sleepy Henry cuddles and dozes off it is nice; so relaxing and comfortable when he flops his fuzzy head against my shoulder.  It will probably lose its charm when Whittier heats up closer to summer - but on these chilly days, it is very nice.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brushing Up

This stuff is extremely yummy!  I love having my teeth brushed....well, not exactly.  But, the poultry flavored companion toothpaste is delicious.  I, Henry the dog, give it my enthusiastic lick-it stamp of approval.  I'd rather just lap it up - but that not being a choice, brushing is great.

When my human is ready to goop up that toothbrush, I'm ready to sit in her lap and let her brush to her hearts content.  She says it is to keep my teeth beautifully sparkling white.  I say it is to give me a little mid-day yummy break.  Can't have too many of those.

If you are a pet's human struggling to get your pooch to let you create sparkling bicuspids this is the solution according to Henry.  He loves this stuff and never struggles to avoid the job.  The only real challenge is to work faster than his licks and slurps.

Henry doesn't even try to avoid work on his back teeth - but that is a two handed effort and a bit more difficult to photograph.  His teeth are really pretty - but then at eleven months old, he really hasn't had time to gunk up his pearly whites.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Henry's Day

Henry and Deb now.
1.  Go on morning walk and discover a tractor harboring yard.

2.  Visit a Downey Rescue event and cuddle with original Rescue Mom, Debbie.  Notice a bit of growth?  Baby Henry is the handsome fellow in the lower right hand photo.

3.  Check out a helicopter near the rescue event and explore with best kid friend, Otis.  Otis is inside.  For some reason the pilot didn't allow dogs.  What is up with that?

Henry held by Deb at 5 weeks.
4.  Travel to Habitat Recycle to claim a door for Dana.  Wow!  50% off and only $35.00 for a great exterior door. 

5.  Go home and pester Otto - and pester kitty Otto some more - and some more.  Hum.  Otto seems to be teasing Henry.  Can't imagine why.

6.  Parents in bed.  Hyped up and not ready for sleep, climb on top of crate and escape pen.

7.  Bark announcements of great escape prowess and talk mom into sleeping on couch.

8. Plan to have way too much energy for mom after great sleep (Henry's not mom's). Time for a walk! Come on human!  Mom is remembering when her human daughters' doctors advised letting them cry themselves to sleep - and she couldn't do that either.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Two Geocache Sites

Henry checking out drain.
Henry took me on another geocache adventure today.  Following the trail to two spots was nifty and I do want to keep doing it -- but I've got to admit, there is a down side.

There we are tracking our way to the cache with the i-phone, probably looking pretty geeky-old in jeans, t-shirt, flips and baseball cap.  Then we make it to the spot!

The first one appears to be in a parking lot storm drain - the type that drains into the curb rather than straight down.  The stash is, I assume, attached somehow with a magnet.  I kneel my 64 year-old (geeky in jeans, t-shirt, flips and baseball cap) self between two cars and reach into the drain as far as I can without actually laying down on the pavement.  It appears to be farther in.  Lets move on....

Henry in front of screened geocache.
Henry and I locate the second cache along a fairly busy street uptown Whittier and in a section of 1940 style apartments. Imagine the nice old single story ones with maybe ten apartments connected around a "U" shaped courtyard.  The geocache on this site seems to be behind an apartment screened crawlspace vent.  The vent is askew -- but even with Henry, my dog excuse, I am too cowardly to remove that screen and feel around in the dark space under the building.

Its not the spiders, although I must admit that is a concern.  It is just that it isn't something you see someone my age doing.  I either need to take along a 10 or 20 year old or I need to get over it.  Hum, maybe this just needs to be a photo adventure.  Instead of signing the geocache book in the stash, I can photograph Henry at the spot.  Sounds like a possible solution to me.  The only downside is that Henry and I won't be able to put our addition in the cache box.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Henry took me on another explore. We went on our first geocaching search!  It took us back to Whittier's Arroyo Pescadero habitat preservation trail.

Following the map on my i-phone and not too far up the trail, we made it to the edge of a small sharp slope. With the blue dot dead on our position,  I am convinced that the box is located on the back of the tree which is almost within touch - the tree base way down the slope and growing up way past our level.

Henry was ready to go off trail to get the eucalyptus tree harboring the geocaching box and sign-in sheet.  Unfortunately it is located in a sensitive regrowth zone.

The hint sheet said there was a trail leading around the zone to get to the spot. It certainly looked like people had scrambled down the hill.  However, it was posted as a closed regrowth area.  Henry and I couldn't do it.  It takes too many years for the regrowth to establish itself in our semi-arid area.

We'll try again tomorrow.  There is another  geocaching within walking distance if we leave early - before it warms up.  We left it too late this morning.  By the 11 a.m. and the end of our two mile trek it was way too hot for hiking hills with limited shade.  Southern California summer approaches!  I forget that we go from "chilly fireplace days" to "just too hot to walk" in a day.

On the up side, we met six other dogs on our hike.  We've made that trip several times without seeing any dogs or humans on the trip so, naturally, Henry was in his element.  Great for me too - if Henry is behind another dog, he is very interested in following and less interested in sniffing every third leaf.

So, winding our way - it is back to the car for more water and a bit of air conditioning.  I know, you northerners.  We are such wimps.  And, then home again for a little nap.

The nap thing Henry and I do really well!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Today in Whittier

Whittier may not have a dog park but it does have some amazing trees.  This is Henry's favorite.  There are lots of larger than dog-size root areas to explore and sniff.  It is near city hall and is one of the few city park-like walking areas not posted as "keep out" to dogs - so we are taking advantage until they realize the omission.
It is not much of a social area though since it seems to be undiscovered -- so we also made another trip to the Fullerton Pooch Park.   Henry is really benefiting from the socialization.  He is much more comfortable racing around with the other dogs.  The first couple of trips he was hesitant, but he has quickly picked up the "dog" rules and now has a great time.  He also seems more comfortable with other dog owners.  They are pretty much ignored due to the much more rewarding dog meeting and greeting.

The little guys were acting pretty human.  When a disagreement took place in the large dog area, all the little dogs lined up at the chain link fence to check out the action.  They looked like furry little drivers slowing to view an accident - then feeling relief that they were not involved, off they went speeding away from the disaster zone.