Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Houdini Henry

Last night just before midnight I was awakened by a rather shrieking dying motor sound - followed, before I managed to get out of bed, by puppy nails clicking down the hall to our bedroom!  I don't know how he did it but Henry got out of his indoor doggie yard and came to visit us in the bedroom.  Tail swishing, he was delighted to find me getting up.

At night,  Henry sleeps in his 6 1/2' wide x 9 1/2' long x 2' tall play pen in our TV room.  The gate is open all day, but it is fastened at night.  It comes complete with his crate, food dishes, his nightlight and overflowing toy box. Given last night, I have now developed visions of Henry planning his escape and moving the furniture around to make it happen - somehow involving his fountain in the plan as a sympathy ploy.

Trudging up the hall and through the living room to his space, Henry and I unplugged his water fountain - and surprise, the screaming sound stopped!  It really must have scared the little guy.  We bedded down on the couch to settle the pup down and reduce his heart rate a bit.  My plan was 30 minutes tops.  He is a bit of a fluffy, cuddly, warm bundle - so at five I awoke with Henry snoozing by my side with his head tucked on my shoulder. 

We will see what tonight brings.  Do you think his escape will be repeated?

Nightly from here on out:    ____
Once was enough.  Done:  ____

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