Thursday, February 16, 2012

Contest Awards Announced!

The competition was fierce and at times cutthroat for Henry's first  Trivia Awards trophies.  The pressure on the judges was incredible.  They were inundated with shameless bribery attempts and insults.  It did become a true test of the judging panel's character.

Examples?  "I hereby place my answer and self at the mercy of the Most Distinguished, Learned, Quite Good Looking members of the Judging Panel" and "Awarding points to those who find errors of mine is in tremendously poor taste."

The judges worked into the night (cutting through the bribery and shameless flattery) to determine the contest winners thus allowing the blog to announce prizes today.

Thundering into First Place due to "first entry" points and "creativity" points are Hunter's Parents!  Congratulations on your great balancing between insults and shameless bribery.

Examples of creativity that impressed the judging panel:
6)  That one is a little tricky to answer.
13) Escapades with a disguised opera fan.
18) Same movie that stars a car built by the owner of the Logan Manuf, Co. makers of the USFS owned LMC 1500 Snowcat.
20) A rover is trying to prevent them now.

Following very tightly in Nearly First Place are Billy and Momo's Parents!  They came up with some scholarly  and "going beyond" the basics responses.

Examples of their "going beyond"  that impressed the judging panel:
5. Laika--which stinks since she died up there
6. Nixon. Dog was also famous for saying "I am not a biscuit crook!"
7. Fluffy. Nice fluffy. don't eat the children
12. Zorba the English Mastiff. However the real longest dog 203.8 meters but is of the type only served in a bun.

Congratulations to our winners!  Plaque carving will, of course, slow delivery - but they should arrive in your mailbox by the end of the month.

As promised:  The list of correct answers.

To all of you others who did not win a mantle award, I give you the Henry's Paw certificate.  Just drag the Henry's paw photograph to your desktop and and place it in a Word document.  Copy and paste the following to the picture:

Henry's Doggie Trivia Contest
Very Special Paw Award
For Thinking About It And...
Not Actually Entering The Competition


  1. Clearly the contest was rigged for you West coasters!!!!!

  2. I couldn't sleep last night or focus on work all day with the pressure and anticipation waiting for the announcement. I was obviously correct in my
    perception of the judging panels character.
    Randy thankfully I'm not a poor looser!! Oh, That's right I'm a WINNER!!!!!! In your favor I have had many more years to perfect my shameless bribery techniques.

  3. Oh dear. A rift between contestants.

  4. Billy is asking: "Is the prize edible?"

  5. Oh Billy, I wasn't thinking. I am so sorry :< Next year I will do better. I promise!