Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dog Park - part two


The trip to the Fullerton Pooch Park was a success!  Henry was obviously a newby - as the short video demonstrates. 

Repeatedly he investigated other dogs then, startled, raced back to his human to study whatever was under the bench.  Must have been pretty neat down there because he kept coming back.

While the other dogs checked out all the pups, Henry hung  back unless one was alone or unless one came over close to my bench.  He was the only fluffy pup in the bunch of about 15 that cycled through while we were there.  Maybe he felt fluffy out of place in a short hair world.

There was no argument when I headed out.  If he sticks to me like that for confirmation, he will be officially a "companion dog."  That won't happen of course.

Panting and tired, he was ready for a drink then the drive home.  He is such  cutie pie.  I wonder if he knows it.
It was worth the 11.5 mile drive.  We'll be visiting often - unless he starts picking up bad habits from his cohorts. In the big dog enclosure there was a doggie-difference of opinion and in the  small dog enclosure one inhabitant thought a passing bike was fair game to fenced in aggression.

Henry, however,  was a perfect gentleman throughout.

He was very ready for a nap when we got home.  The last shot is Henry sprawled on his back asleep on my legs - dead to the world for over an hour.  Didn't even awaken when I took the opportunity to comb out his tummy fur.  One tuckered pup!

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