Friday, February 3, 2012

Did Not Work Out Well

If you are following Henry's story, you will be interested to know that the trip to the groomer did not work out well. We did not even make it into the area beyond the swinging doors.

First, Henry was not fooled for a second.  I've told you he is a smart puppy!  The bather came out and scared Henry enough that he piddled!  (Not the bather - Henry piddled.) That's a first.  Poor baby.  He had just done his business outside, so I have no idea where that came from.  But, Henry does get skitterish when approached with too much enthusiasm especially from strangers.

When asked what Henry was in for today, I told the bather I needed advice about what services were needed. I described the small under-leg mats we've been dealing with. He brought a groomer out.  She felt Henry's back, checked for mats and said there were mats everywhere. Jeesh.

She tried to show them to me, but I couldn't feel or see what she was feeling.  On the plus side, she told me how to get rid of them and demonstrated.  Good grief.  Poor Henry.  She was pretty aggressive -- well, honestly, more than pretty aggressive.  Henry didn't growl and I was holding him -- but he did keep nipping at me in attempts to gain freedom.  The nips didn't hurt, but he has never tried to get away  like that!

We rescheduled for Wednesday next week so I will have time to remove mats in a less terror inducing environment before returning for a trim if we decide to return. I sure as heck would not return to have my hair done if the beautician was that rough.

When we arrived home, I got my stack of treats, the comb, the brush and started working on the boy.  I separated the fur all the way down to his pretty pink skin and I am finding no mats anywhere other than the 1/4" under-fore-leg mats.    I do need to know what I am trying to remove!  The picture to the left is of the puppy back the section where the groomer found matting.  I'm just not seeing it.

I think I'm going to start looking for a second opinion.  The groomer was pretty rough and I do not want Henry to have a bad experience so I'm thinking I will cancel the appointment.  Opinions are welcome!  Does this look like a normal grooming experience?


  1. Hmmmmm, that groomer kind of reminds me of some mechanics. "Yup, I did the oil change, but..oh boy...ya got some major problems in there. Gonna need a lot of work. Will that be Visa or Mastercard?"

    Here is a site with a couple interesting suggestions:

    Another site specifically did mention to not wash the dog before trying to remove the mats as that just makes it worse.

    Of course, when you have a "superior" redboon coonhound--with hair about 2 cm long--mats are not a real big issue. he he

  2. Yes....matting must be a nightmare with Billy.

  3. Don't even think about taking the little guy back to that place. About the mats, 1 gal. of nair and the hair will be no where.

  4. We have had nothing but good experience with Hunter and even Harley at Petco. They really treated the boys well.The little guy needs a good experience. Where ever you go, you might want to go in first and let them know a little about the boy so they don't freak him out.

  5. Great idea - about going in ahead of time. I think we'll walk down there today and check it out. The local Petco just opened a small grooming salon. We'll see if it meets Henry's approval.
    Reassurance to Henry's aunties and uncles: the other appointment has been cancelled.