Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seeking Professional Help

Henry is adorable.  Henry is talented.  Henry is smart.  Henry is developing mats.  Oops....what was that last one?

He sits patiently in my lap snoozing or attempting to lick my face when I brush him.  We do this every day, usually a couple of times.  It is a lovely time for me because he is warm and cuddly.  Working on those leg joint spots,  I've noticed small tangles forming and have focused in the under fore-leg area during the last couple of weeks. The mats are small - 1/4" wide and very flat.  I get rid of them on the right side and they seem to reform by the time I finish the left side.

I think Henry is getting displeased with my de-tangling performance.  He snoozes patiently while I do his back and ears, face and tail, but when I get to those little leg-pit mats, he lets me work for a couple of minutes and then politely removes himself to a less irritating environment.  Treats help, but he is not a dummy.  I guess I wouldn't like it either.  If you look in dead center in the close-up, you will see a slightly darker patch.  That is a mat.  There are not not more than four or five - and all tiny.

I've checked on-line. The mats will only grow larger and more problematic.  They will not magically disappear. So, we have an appointment.  I'm not telling Henry.  When we go through those PetSmart portals, he will think he is about to see Charlene and CC.  He will figure we'll be strolling the isles looking for goodies and toys.  When we veer to the right toward the grooming center, he will be confused, but will see all the dogs strutting their stuff and will be distracted.

I am hoping the experience does not leave Henry emotionally scarred.  Ah, the challenges of puppy-parenthood.

Henry took a bath yesterday after wallowing in a gooey mud puddle so you are seeing him (pre-professional help) at his most sparkling and sweet smelling -- not that he ever smells unpleasant.


  1. Personally, I recommend a fine product called "Nair." Simply spread it all over the dog, and the tangles all disappear. Of course, so does all the rest of the hair, but.......

  2. I don't know, Randy. I know you are a long term dog owner and your understanding of this stuff far exceeds mine, but I'm going to have to verify this with Misumi. I have the impression she might be more protective of Henry's mental and physical health.

  3. Uhhhhhhhh, did I say "Nair?" I meant to say use lots and lots of "tender loving care!!!!!!"