Friday, February 10, 2012

Trained Guard Dog Within

Temptation is in the works!  Today sections of the fascia on the house are being removed and the boards replaced.  A stranger is in Henry's yard doing the work.  Just imagine Henry going wild in his desperation to get out and attack the invader.  Just imagine….because that is all you are going to get.  No barking - even when the removal hammering was making a huge racket.

Now, when the doorbell rings it is another story.  Henry charges the area. Not that dangerous attack mode you might be envisioning – rather his rush to lick.  The startled gentleman was cleaned up by a four legged mop hopping up and down to reach more lick-able surface.  


  1. sounds like a vicious attack dog!!!! Fear the mop!!!!

  2. We have a "temporary" house guest. Karrie's brother Keith and family rescued a hound that was wandering around their island. They kept it for a week, but have two dogs of their own and no fence. While they are looking for the owner we are harboring the fugitive. Now the problem. It looks like the hounds owner just moved without her. Now what to do? She just isn't who we would have picked. She appears to be about 85% Black Lab but there is a hint of a Pit Bull like look in her face. She is wired & skittish, seems to have an OK disposition. Hopefully all works out!

  3. Jeesh. Sounds like you've been put between a rock and a hard place. What a crummy thing for the owner to do! You might look at finding her a new home. She could be the perfect fit for someone.