Saturday, February 11, 2012

The First Prize!

I won!  After weeks in doubt -- not really believing it could be true -- but always hoping, I was officially notified and my 1st and only place prize was delivered.

This is a momentous event in my life.  I would like to thank all of you who did not submit entries.  Your lack of initiative gave me the opportunity take the top and much sought after prize.

The "Hello Kitty Exclusive Limited Edition" duct tape roll arrived Friday and of course the celebration here was so extreme that I really did not have time to tell my blog friends until today.  As you can imagine, Henry's house rivaled the after parties for the Oscars.

For those of you out of the loop, this prize was awarded by Travel the USA by Movies.  Such a creative and innovative contest - and so difficult and demanding!  Such an honor to have won.

Upon inspection, Henry decided that the excellence of the top prize should motivate me to offer a contest of our own.  You are forewarned.  There will be a challenge from Henry's blog to equal the difficulty of the Travel the USA site contest.  Prepare your skills!


  1. he he. So funny. Misumi and I were eating at ye olde Red Lobster restaurant for lunch today and somehow "Hello Kitty" came up. Suddenly I had the image of Momo in a Hello Kitty costume for next Halloween. Pitiful, you say??? I googled "dog costume hello kitty" and got a lot of hits! Here is a favorite:

    Of course, really crafty people could no doubt make such a costume solely out of hello kitty duct tape!!!

  2. Sofa Travelers - "o" is not the correct answer. You are only give 50 incorrect answers in this contest according to the I'm-making-them-as-I-go-along-rules. You have 49 left, so you might want to wait until I think up the question.

    Randy - The outfit is darling! But you are right, Hello Kitty duct tape would be a much more permanent solution.