Sunday, February 5, 2012

Following Karrie's Advice

Henry has had a lovely Super Bowl morning.  We walked the Whittier College campus, and I showed him all the off leash dogs.  When I explained why they could be off leash and he could not, he was a bit disgruntled - now he just needs to think about whether it is worth coming consistently when called.  

Next, after a walk to the Coffee Bean, we did some practice for the "long distance down" in Hoover Hall. Great on a Sunday morning.  The Hall is all locked up - low escape chance - and no distractions.  Here is my boy on one of his successful "stay" and "come" tries.  What a handsome fellow.

On the furry-matted-pup front - I've taken my sister, Karrie's advice.  Thank you Karrie! Keep in mind that Henry would not eat for a day and a half after his last encounter with a groomer. And that was just to check him out to tell me what grooming was needed!  He hadn't pulled aggressively on his leash for months but that certainly changed.   I spent yesterday just giving reassurance and TLC and allowing all kinds of puppy shennanigans.  He seems to be back to his sweet and normal self today.

So, Greg and I took the boy to PetCo and explained the problem to Jessica, one of the groomers.  I told her he was frightened and skitterish because of his last experience.  It was obvious he was nervous.  She was incredibly sweet and gentle with him. I mentioned that the last groomer said he was all matted but she said she could not find any after feeling and combing through potential problem areas.  

We set up a "gentle-grooming" appointment for him for Thursday at 9 a.m. - so check back!


  1. He needs some doggie massage integrated into the grooming!

  2. Petco Perfect Puppy Pampering Probably Parking Persnickety Pooch Problems Period.

  3. The groomer I liked had a time conflict, so we rescheduled with her for next week. We are counting on Petco Perfect Puppy Pampering Probably Parking Persnickety Pooch Problems Period!