Monday, February 20, 2012

Today in Whittier

Whittier may not have a dog park but it does have some amazing trees.  This is Henry's favorite.  There are lots of larger than dog-size root areas to explore and sniff.  It is near city hall and is one of the few city park-like walking areas not posted as "keep out" to dogs - so we are taking advantage until they realize the omission.
It is not much of a social area though since it seems to be undiscovered -- so we also made another trip to the Fullerton Pooch Park.   Henry is really benefiting from the socialization.  He is much more comfortable racing around with the other dogs.  The first couple of trips he was hesitant, but he has quickly picked up the "dog" rules and now has a great time.  He also seems more comfortable with other dog owners.  They are pretty much ignored due to the much more rewarding dog meeting and greeting.

The little guys were acting pretty human.  When a disagreement took place in the large dog area, all the little dogs lined up at the chain link fence to check out the action.  They looked like furry little drivers slowing to view an accident - then feeling relief that they were not involved, off they went speeding away from the disaster zone.


  1. That is an amazing tree! Henry is the biggest dog in that group.

  2. I know! That's a change isn't it? He loves that dog park.