Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Henry took me on another explore. We went on our first geocaching search!  It took us back to Whittier's Arroyo Pescadero habitat preservation trail.

Following the map on my i-phone and not too far up the trail, we made it to the edge of a small sharp slope. With the blue dot dead on our position,  I am convinced that the box is located on the back of the tree which is almost within touch - the tree base way down the slope and growing up way past our level.

Henry was ready to go off trail to get the eucalyptus tree harboring the geocaching box and sign-in sheet.  Unfortunately it is located in a sensitive regrowth zone.

The hint sheet said there was a trail leading around the zone to get to the spot. It certainly looked like people had scrambled down the hill.  However, it was posted as a closed regrowth area.  Henry and I couldn't do it.  It takes too many years for the regrowth to establish itself in our semi-arid area.

We'll try again tomorrow.  There is another  geocaching within walking distance if we leave early - before it warms up.  We left it too late this morning.  By the 11 a.m. and the end of our two mile trek it was way too hot for hiking hills with limited shade.  Southern California summer approaches!  I forget that we go from "chilly fireplace days" to "just too hot to walk" in a day.

On the up side, we met six other dogs on our hike.  We've made that trip several times without seeing any dogs or humans on the trip so, naturally, Henry was in his element.  Great for me too - if Henry is behind another dog, he is very interested in following and less interested in sniffing every third leaf.

So, winding our way - it is back to the car for more water and a bit of air conditioning.  I know, you northerners.  We are such wimps.  And, then home again for a little nap.

The nap thing Henry and I do really well!


  1. Cool! I actually want to have my students work on this idea for language learning. One problem in Central Illinois is landmarks. Go past the corn, and then behind that other corn. You'll find the cache in.....the corn!!!!

  2. I'm not sure what the heck you're doing, but I like the nap part.
    Randy, it say right on Illinois web site that they also do soybeans and swine so you really have several landmarks, might be hard to pin down the location of the swine though.
    Sue, the "show us you're not a robot" words are getting more difficult. Are you trying to weed some of us out?

  3. The security words that I have to put in to prove I'm not a robot. It use to ask for one now it's two and I have to ask for new ones sometimes.

  4. They must really like you and want to extend your bonding experience.