Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Two Geocache Sites

Henry checking out drain.
Henry took me on another geocache adventure today.  Following the trail to two spots was nifty and I do want to keep doing it -- but I've got to admit, there is a down side.

There we are tracking our way to the cache with the i-phone, probably looking pretty geeky-old in jeans, t-shirt, flips and baseball cap.  Then we make it to the spot!

The first one appears to be in a parking lot storm drain - the type that drains into the curb rather than straight down.  The stash is, I assume, attached somehow with a magnet.  I kneel my 64 year-old (geeky in jeans, t-shirt, flips and baseball cap) self between two cars and reach into the drain as far as I can without actually laying down on the pavement.  It appears to be farther in.  Lets move on....

Henry in front of screened geocache.
Henry and I locate the second cache along a fairly busy street uptown Whittier and in a section of 1940 style apartments. Imagine the nice old single story ones with maybe ten apartments connected around a "U" shaped courtyard.  The geocache on this site seems to be behind an apartment screened crawlspace vent.  The vent is askew -- but even with Henry, my dog excuse, I am too cowardly to remove that screen and feel around in the dark space under the building.

Its not the spiders, although I must admit that is a concern.  It is just that it isn't something you see someone my age doing.  I either need to take along a 10 or 20 year old or I need to get over it.  Hum, maybe this just needs to be a photo adventure.  Instead of signing the geocache book in the stash, I can photograph Henry at the spot.  Sounds like a possible solution to me.  The only downside is that Henry and I won't be able to put our addition in the cache box.


  1. I'm I going to have to contact a bail bondsman?

  2. Our girl is in surgery today. She was a perfect angel when Karrie took her into the office.