Sunday, February 26, 2012

Henry's Day

Henry and Deb now.
1.  Go on morning walk and discover a tractor harboring yard.

2.  Visit a Downey Rescue event and cuddle with original Rescue Mom, Debbie.  Notice a bit of growth?  Baby Henry is the handsome fellow in the lower right hand photo.

3.  Check out a helicopter near the rescue event and explore with best kid friend, Otis.  Otis is inside.  For some reason the pilot didn't allow dogs.  What is up with that?

Henry held by Deb at 5 weeks.
4.  Travel to Habitat Recycle to claim a door for Dana.  Wow!  50% off and only $35.00 for a great exterior door. 

5.  Go home and pester Otto - and pester kitty Otto some more - and some more.  Hum.  Otto seems to be teasing Henry.  Can't imagine why.

6.  Parents in bed.  Hyped up and not ready for sleep, climb on top of crate and escape pen.

7.  Bark announcements of great escape prowess and talk mom into sleeping on couch.

8. Plan to have way too much energy for mom after great sleep (Henry's not mom's). Time for a walk! Come on human!  Mom is remembering when her human daughters' doctors advised letting them cry themselves to sleep - and she couldn't do that either.

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  1. Tractors, Helicopters, shopping at Habitat topped off with a energetic pup. What more could you ask for, Oh maybe a little nap for dessert.