Sunday, April 1, 2012

Visiting Another Blog!

  From and Henry
completely supports this message.

Henry thinks his human needs a lot of help bringing him up right.  He's probably correct.  As he points out, she did not earn a degree in puppy. So, Henry looks for online puppy advice and stories.  

In one of the searches, Henry stumbled on Pet Blogs United. It is run by the handsome Oskar and his human, Pam.  Oskar doesn't type; I think Pam enters his stories.  But, they make a great team.

We enjoy returning to check out what's new.  When you visit PBU, be sure to click on the video link!  Its pretty obvious other humans think their dogs are just as cute and funny as Henry. 

This week,  Oskar is featuring Henry in the guest spot.  PBU even has a couple of Henry's blogs linked from their site. Henry is very excited and hopes to make contact with other blogging pets. He is counting on other barkers out there in computer land for encouragement.

Henry does not get much of that encouragement stuff from Otto and Vivika, his Human's cats. The cats are family, so what are you going to do, but they are pretty clueless about the wonders of dogginess.  Just saying, if you check out the "pick two" chart, Henry is not thinking that the lower left applies to his cats.

Sure, they are good looking and smart, but they never seem to want to play doggy games.  The grey one does not even seem to like Henry.  Can you imagine?  

I am thinking Vivika's attitude must be just hiding a deep and overwhelming puppy love.  After all, at least according to Henry, he is the most fun and loveable pup in Southern California.

For my visitors from PBU, thank you for coming! It is a pleasure having you drop by.  Henry can't have too many friends!


  1. Very nice to meet you, Henry! Oskar sent us over and we are now following you. Looking forward to getting to know you.

    Critter Alley

  2. Hi Henry! Loved your post at Oskar's blog. I know all about the cat thing *sigh*

  3. I think you're probably right about Vivika, Henry! LOL!

  4. Howdy Henry, we popped over from Oskar's blog to say hello. Our mum and dad need plenty of help too and we like to keep them on their toes hehehe. Nice to meet you and look forward to learning more about you. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. Love that poster. We think dogs should be allowed EVERYWHERE!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. New follower here! We love PBU! That's what brought us to you! Stop on by our blog sometime and say hello!

  7. Hiya Henry - I wanted to send a warm "hello" - I came over from Oskar's site!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  8. Hewo Henwy
    I'm a fwiend of Oskaw's too and wanted to meet you. you look like a most handsome, intelligent and loving boy. I just moved fwom Manhattan to Boo da Pest a few momfs ago. It's a big change and I'm explowing my new wowld. So faw, I love it.
    welcome to blogville, I hope you meet tons of gweat fwiends
    smoochie kisses