Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wonderful Day

Southern California is gorgeous in the late spring.  Not too hot to walk out to pick a treat in the garden. The oranges, tomatoes, and avocados are ready.

Unfortunately, Mama isn't all that generous, she doesn't let me have the avocados or tomatoes.  She says they'll make me sick.  Hum, I think she might just be selfish.  And, she only gives me a slice or two of orange. I think that is because the oranges are really yummy this time of the year.  Got to say, I think mom is kind of greedy. 

The "swimming pool"
warms up quickly.  Look at how adventurous  I am!  I played with the hose and got wet and then even stuck my nose in the "pool" water.  I was really brave. Afterwards I rolled in the dirt.  Now I look a real roughneck boy!

I didn't have my life jacket on and since I just ate my orange slice, I thought I'd better not go all the way in.  You are suppose to wait the hour after eating of course. Yes.  I am a smart brave dog. Not the least bit chicken-ish about up-to-the-ankle water.

Now it is time to sit in the sun and dry out a bit.  Mom is not enthused about me coming inside when I'm dripping.  Humans are so silly.  Dripping doesn't bother me a bit - I like it a lot more than the other options!


  1. Sometimes we come inside dripping wet if we've been accidentally - NEVER ON PURPOSE - caught in the rain. Usually it means a good rub down with a towel. Actually, those rub downs aren't all that bad. Kinda nice, in fact.

  2. We dry off quickly...and even more so having a carpet. So what's the problem.

    We have a lemon tree, but the lemons are green. SHE'd love some of those avocados.

    XXXOOO daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. they are such drama queens but probably right
    Benny & Lily