Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Road Trip!

Henry and I went on an explore.  We heard about a 13 foot burro travel trailer in Hollister California and decided to go check it out.  First we passed the Angeles National Forest.  Henry couldn't figure out why there were no trees.

Then we took a shortcut off I-5 and across to Hollister.  What was Henry thinking! It was beautiful, but a reminder why "shortcut" is a misnomer.  See those hills way off at the end of that road?  We passed two pickup trucks getting to those hills.  They had to be locals because looked at us like they knew we were making a mistake. No one else would have driven on that skinny little road that followed the hills contours.  They managed to make 15 miles of mountain into 47.  It was very pretty though and worth the detour.  ........only, Henry got car sick, poor baby and it was way too narrow to stop in case there was a third car - so no pictures.

On the up-side, we bought our little 1982 Burro.  It is so cute.....and needs so much work - Henry and I are going be doing some intensive "figuring out" to work out about how to do repairs and sprucing up. 

We slept in it on the way home and it was lovely.  Just the right size for the two of us. 
On the way home we drove highway 101 because Henry wanted to visit the ocean.  It was his first trip and he couldn't figure out why those waves kept coming back to attack him. He did find a furry carcas I had to pry from his teeth twice - once on the way to the water and once on the way back. 


  1. Road trips are fun except when you get car sick. Great pictures!

  2. National Forest with no trees....BOL!

    Love your little Burro.

    We've never been to the ocean....but maybe one day!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. Henry's resized life jacket arrived today! Next trip maybe he will swim! Unlikely....but who knows.

  3. What a cute little trailer. Just what you wanted, right?

    I hope you have many wonderful trips in it and great fun.


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. The beach and the many doggie treats that can be found there bring back fond memories of our four legged boys gagging up interesting tidbits. By the way, great little trailer and be sure to tell Greg he can have Adam's room.

  5. What a fun road trip and you got to go to the beach! Col
    Benny & Lily