Friday, April 20, 2012

Herman the Giant Bunny Rabbit

This is the very large 'German Giant' rabbit named Herman, in the arms of his owner, Hans Wagner.  Herman and Hans are both very handsome and made me think about big animals.  Look at those rabbits feet!  Herman must be one very luck rabbit!

I've been concerned about my Mom's male cat, Otto.  Otto does not have huge feet, but the rest of him is getting pretty hefty and controlling his food intake has been a problem.

Mom puts Otto and Vivika's food out at bedtime.  Vivika remains swelt and Otto (to put it politely) is getting to be a chunk.  Ribs are no longer apparent and Mom says that is a problem.

When Otto runs out of food, he visits my dish.  Now, dog food is not what a cat should be eating - even the good stuff Mom feeds me.  Otto doesn't really like it.  I'm thinking he is a compulsive eater and has little or no respect for himself.

I mean, eating dog food if you are a cat is just not right!  I'm watching my dish real carefully from here on out...only not right now because I need a short nap while Mom plays on the keyboard.

After all, I've been helping her think through what to do about the fatty cat. ....oops, Mom said that was rude.


  1. We have one obese cat & one skinny cat. Our skinny cat is the one who occasionally steals my food!

    Nubbin wiggles,

    1. Oskar,
      Cats just don't seem to have an understanding of what is appropriate. It is our doggie burden.
      Sniffs and licks,

  2. Henry, I, Daisy, have that problem. I eat LESS than Bella and Roxy and I still look like a keg on legs! of course, I don't run around like lunatics like they do.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. Ah Daisy,
      I don't think you look like a keg on legs. I think you are one gorgeous pup!
      Licks, Henry