Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pre-Teen Monster Boy

Doggie issues!  Could the terrible teens attacking be my boy this early?  Is that a teenage sneer on Henry's cute little mug?

After lots of work, Henry was  cured of his shoe fetish weeks ago.  Well, at least he would give shoes back to his human on demand.

Hum, well - lets cut to the truth: he would wait for his human to catch up - but allowed the catch - then would let her to take the shoe from his mouth without any resistance ... mostly just a grin and a "I got your attention Mom!" and "This is a really great game!" and "Yum, Mom.  Shoes are so tasty!"

That is, apparently, all over now.  Henry is fast.  His humans can not equal Henry's lightening speed.  They make up for it in persistence. These 3 photos were the only ones out of 20 that were not a blur of movement.

It now takes two to catch and pry that shoe out of his determined grasp - and the whole time, Henry is almost giggling.

What happened to all of that training?  Is this Henry testing - just to see if the rules have changed?  Yes, he did have a birthday this week, but the first year = 10.5 in dog years.  That is not a teenager.  What is going on here?  I guess it is back to the dog treat trades, and maybe that is Henry's whole plan.


  1. Aren't moms drama queens! We're just playin
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh my! The pre-teen goof! I think Henry might be trying to coax more treats out of you by way of more training, like you said. ;-)

  3. This is just Henry testing the boundaries. :)

  4. He will do anything for a treat. Time to bake some more puppy cookies!

  5. Hmmmm, I see the true story here. Reverse those pictures a bit.
    1. Henry innocently finds a shoe and stands above it to point out that it should be put away.
    2. Somebody does not like that attitude and shoves poor Henry's nose deep into the shoe.
    3. Overcome by the fumes, Henry collapses onto his side, barely managing to extract his nose before passing out.

    Shame! Shame on you for that sort of doggie abuse!!!!!

    1. I could not stop laughing. I think you nailed the problem! Poor Henry. Mean Mama.

  6. Having just taught a class of 10-year olds today...the behaviour doesn't sound out of the ordinary.

    Love The comment above.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & roxy

  7. Uhhohh, Henry! Better watch out or you'll get banned from the bedroom like you were from the park (Crime and Punishment). Only this time you'll have done something to provoke it.

    @Randall - great take on the photo story!